Eyelid Surgery vs. Brow Lift: What You Need to Know

In having many discussions with our patients, we’ve learned that many of them misunderstand the distinction between brow lifts and eyelid surgery. Although both are excellent options that aim to improve one’s facial appearance, patients often don’t know what each operation does and how they differ. In this post, we would like to clear up… Read More »

Smart Steps for Selecting a Plastic Surgeon

Choosing the right plastic surgeon is key to receiving the results you desire. It is important to research and thoroughly decide which plastic surgeon is best for you. Take a look at some of our tips to help you decide! Interested in Dr. Eric Pugash Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery? Contact us for a consultation or… Read More »

Breast Implant Incision Care at Home

Breast implant surgery, or breast augmentation, consistently ranks among the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the U.S. Every year, over 300,000 women follow the likes of Hayden Panettiere, Taylor Swift and Megan Fox by surgically modifying the shape and profile of their breasts. As with any surgery, there is a recovery phase from breast implant… Read More »

The Difference Between Weight Loss and Body Contouring Explained

Weight Loss Surgery and Body Contouring Procedures are Different Many people try to lose weight by exercising vigorously and adhering to a strict diet. But sometimes all this work fails to remove stubborn deposits of fat. That slim, toned body remains solely in the possession of Hollywood starlets. When your own efforts fall short, it… Read More »

Excess Skin or Excess Fat: Why it Matters

Excess Skin and Excess Fat: Why They Matter No matter how hard you’ve worked to lose weight, excess, loose skin increases your weight and throws your figure off balance. Even the most dedicated exercise and diet enthusiasts can struggle with those few extra pounds on their abdomen. The presence of excess skin can be frustrating… Read More »

Preparing for Your Breast Augmentation Consultation

Preparing for Your Breast Augmentation Consultation Women considering breast augmentation at one of our surgery centers in the Vancouver area must attend a comprehensive consultation before having the procedure. This initial visit allows you to ask questions, discuss your goals and expectations, get to know Dr. Pugash and his team, and to learn more about the… Read More »

What 2018 Taught Us About Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery trends change from year to year as public views of cosmetic enhancement shift and new, cutting-edge technology is introduced. 2018 saw the growing trend of social media exposure and new attitudes toward plastic surgery by men. It also saw new types of laser treatments and dermal fillers that can improve appearance without surgery… Read More »

Procedures to Help You Reach Your New Year’s Goals

2019 has arrived and many of us have set out several goals for the new year. If some of your goals pertain to your physical appearance, Dr. Pugash and his talented team may be able to assist you in achieving them. When you start to feel uncomfortable or unsatisfied with aspects of your appearance, it… Read More »

Similar Materials, Different Results: Choosing Between Silicone and Gummy Bear

If you’re considering breast enhancement surgery, you’re probably aware that there are different types of implants. The two most popular substances used in breast implants in recent years are silicone gel and saline, or salt water. However, if you’re leaning toward silicone implants, you have an additional choice: traditional silicone gel vs. gummy bear implants…. Read More »

Too Good to be True? How to Choose Effective Procedures and Skip the Gimmicks

There’s always something new to discover in the realm of plastic surgery, and plenty of seemingly effective technologies marketed every other day. With all this background noise, it feels almost impossible to pick a procedure that’s going to meet your aesthetic goals. At our aesthetic and plastic surgery office, Dr. Pugash takes a practical approach… Read More »