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Excess Skin or Excess Fat: Why it Matters

No matter how hard you’ve worked to lose weight, excess, loose skin increases your weight and throws your figure off balance. Even the most dedicated exercise and diet enthusiasts can struggle with those few extra pounds on their abdomen.
The presence of excess skin can be frustrating and contribute to a negative self-image. Removing excess skin and fat surgically improves health and mood. Both the tummy tuck and the mommy makeover accelerate the fat loss and skin tightening to create the sculpted body so many patients crave.

Extra Fat Causes Health Problems

We typically gain weight as we age. However, an expanding waistline usually means the presence of extra abdominal fat, which plays a direct role in serious health issues.
Visceral fat in the abdominal cavity has been linked to elevated risks of Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. It has also been linked to increased chances of stroke, breast cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease. Removing this fat not only jump-starts your healthy exercise and diet habits, it helps to avert chronic illness.

Extra Skin

Sagging skin is not only unsightly, it causes rashes, ulcers and yeast infections in the skin folds. More, it interferes with exercise mobility, and no one needs another obstacle to exercise. In a study published in the journal Obesity Surgery, 77% of women reported mobility limitations caused by excess skin and 46% had begun avoiding physical activity because stares from onlookers made them feel uncomfortable.
Skin that has been stretched and lost its elasticity cannot be tightened with exercise. However, an experienced plastic surgeon can remove the extra skin in the operating room. You can also ask about the procedures that complement a skin removal surgery. Many patients undergo the breast lift, liposuction at the same time. Qualified surgeons like Dr. Pugash can also tighten muscles beneath the skin to render a sleek, toned profile.

Maintaining a Sleek Physique after Surgery

Of course, a healthy diet and exercise regimen after fat and skin removal surgery helps patients maintain the more sculpted contours plastic surgery delivers. Losing fat is just the beginning. Regular exercise prevents muscle loss and even builds the new muscle that will fill out your skin and prevent saggy spots. A high-protein diet also contributes to muscle mass.
With weight gain, however, the skin will again expand around the new fat. If you start gaining weight again after skin reduction surgery, the skin will grow again to accommodate the new fat.
In short, surgery for both excess skin and fat will only work if the patient is committed to maintaining a healthy weight after their procedures.

The Outlook for Your Body

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