1. Will a Breast Lift Help Get Rid of Stretch Marks?

    Many women who are considering breast surgery are concerned about stretch marks that may accompany deflated breasts. Although mastopexy can remove stretch marks or soften their impact, this outcome is not always guaranteed. The aability of a breast lift to remove stretch marks depends on the stretch marks’ location and the technique your plastic surgeon… Read More

  2. Caring For Your Facelift Scars

    A facelift is a surgical procedure for women and men ready to take the plunge to rejuvenate their facial appearance and enjoy long-lasting benefits. And trusting Dr. Eric Pugash with this restorative procedure can help you correct the visible signs of an aging face like sagging skin and tissue, wrinkles and lines, and unsightly folds…. Read More

  3. Should You Add Implants to Your Breast Lift?

    Now that you’re getting older and noticing age adversely affecting your breast shape, you may wonder if there’s anything you can do. If your formerly perky breasts seem slightly deflated, with nipples falling below the breast crease, a breast lift by Vancouver plastic surgeon Dr. Eric Pugash can rejuvenate your breast profile and restore them… Read More

  4. The Differences Between a Tummy Tuck and a Mommy Makeover You Should Know

    Body contouring procedures are at the top of the list for mothers seeking ways to recapture their pre-pregnancy bodies. While maintaining a healthy diet and working out regularly will go a long way to achieve optimal weight, these steps alone aren’t enough to reverse the effects of pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. Mommy makeover and tummy… Read More

  5. Comparing Dermal Fillers and Facelift: Are the Results That Different?

    Everyone wants to look and feel their best. If you’ve found your self-esteem is a little bit lacking in social and professional settings, a little help with facial restoration can go a long way. One popular approach to youthful facial contours is facelift surgery. Another option is quick and convenient dermal fillers. But what is… Read More

  6. 3 Cosmetic Treatments to Look Your Best This Spring

    Yes, the cold weather persists, but it will soon end. Maybe a month or perhaps a few days longer, and the grass will become green, and the flowers will bloom. And you will be out and about with more regularity, hopefully looking your best. Thankfully, Dr. Eric Pugash offers surgical procedures to boost your self-confidence… Read More

  7. 12 Facelift Recovery Tips

    The traditional facelift is a mainstay in the anti-aging arsenal for women in Vancouver. It promises transformative outcomes by repositioning underlying tissue and smoothing wrinkles and folds. Because a successful recovery is critical to this facial rejuvenation’s success, our staff at Dr. Eric Pugash Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery offers these helpful recovery tips. 1. Follow… Read More

  8. What Is the Best Incision Option for My Breast Augmentation?

    When considering cosmetic breast surgery, women have options. They can choose to enhance shape and size or improve elevation and projection. Whether you decide to go larger or improve symmetry, breast augmentation improves or restores breast volume and firmness with implants. After deciding breast incisions are right for you, there are other decisions to contemplate… Read More

  9. Why Winter Could Be the Best Time for Body Contouring

    Are you considering improving your figure with cosmetic surgery? There are several things to think about to ensure a safe and effective procedure. At the top of your list is choosing a qualified surgeon. In addition, which surgery best fits your needs is also a concern. But in the planning process, many people fail to… Read More

  10. Why Fall and Winter Are the Perfect Months to Undergo Facial Rejuvenation

    The temperatures are dropping, and Jack Frost is nipping at your nose. It’s time to bring out the coats, gloves, and scarves – and schedule an appointment to rejuvenate your appearance. What? Now? With Christmas and a new year approaching so quickly? You read that correctly. Now is an ideal time for anyone interested in… Read More