1. How Natural Will My Facelift Look?

    Many people worry that after a facelift, their face won’t look natural. This is understandable, because it wouldn’t take long on the internet to find images of plastic surgery fails. While there’s no denying that unnatural results have come from plastic surgery procedures, those subpar results are the exception, not the rule. They are often… Read More

  2. What You Should Know Before Getting Eyelid Surgery

    Looking years younger is among the many improvements you can gain from eyelid surgery. A certified plastic surgeon can correct the worn, tired look caused by sagging lids and puffy undereye bags, making your eyes brighter and more alert. Dr. Eric Pugash will employ his surgical skill and over three decades of plastic surgery experience… Read More

  3. The Best Body Contouring Treatments for the Fall

    Now that the warm weather is retreating and the cool, brisk winds of autumn are quickly approaching, your leisure activities may be shifting, too. Instead of pool parties or backyard cookouts, you might be focusing more on family time and your children’s school events. If anything about your body made you self-conscious over the summer,… Read More

  4. Can a Tummy Tuck Help With Back Pain?

    Many people believe tummy tuck surgery can only provide the aesthetic advantage of a flatter, toned abdomen. However, this cosmetic procedure has lesser-known health benefits. For example, it can help you resolve chronic back pain by strengthening your core. What Does a Tummy Tuck Do? When performing a tummy tuck, Dr. Eric Pugash will remove… Read More

  5. How a Chin Implant Can Improve Your Neckline

    If you struggle with a weak or receding chin, you might also have issues like a “turkey neck” and a poorly defined jawline. These problems typically worsen with age, as the fat pads in your face shift downward to accumulate beneath your jaw and your skin becomes loose and wrinkled. Neck Anatomy Your neck and… Read More

  6. 8 Facial Implant Recovery Tips

    Facial implant surgery helps improve your appearance by eliminating a weak chin and delivering more definition. The procedure involves implant placement, which takes about an hour, and a hospital recovery period before you go home. If you’re considering facial implants as a cosmetic procedure to add balance to your facial appearance, you’ll want to prepare… Read More

  7. 5 Common Post-Botox Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

    While Botox may seem like a magic eraser for wrinkles and fine lines, your choice of provider is essential to your satisfaction with your treatment. Issues such as asymmetry or an unnaturally “frozen” facial expression are uncommon when a skilled, experienced, and trained injector performs your treatment. However, some consumers may be drawn in by… Read More

  8. How Botox Has Improved Through the Years

    Researchers began to study botulinum toxin, a neurotoxin that weakens muscle, in the 1970s, and whether it could effectively treat muscle-related disorders. In the ‘80s, Vancouver-based ophthalmologist Dr. Jean Carruthers routinely used BOTOX to treat  eyelid spasms when one patient demanded an injection near her inner brow. Dr. Carruthers explained that her patient wasn’t spasming… Read More

  9. How Long Do Dermal Filler Results Last?

    A common question from men and women considering non-surgical cosmetic treatment is: how long do dermal fillers last? The answer  is that it depends. Duration differs significantly between products, treatment areas, and patient metabolism. It also depends on injectors and injection techniques. Vancouver plastic surgeon Dr. Eric Pugash offers dermal filler injections to enhance facial… Read More

  10. Will a Breast Lift Help Get Rid of Stretch Marks?

    Many women who are considering breast surgery are concerned about stretch marks that may accompany deflated breasts. Although mastopexy can remove stretch marks or soften their impact, this outcome is not always guaranteed. The aability of a breast lift to remove stretch marks depends on the stretch marks’ location and the technique your plastic surgeon… Read More