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Breast Augmentation Recovery Tips

When ideally sized, breasts can enhance the overall aesthetic harmony of a woman’s body. But factors such as aging, genetics and breastfeeding can disrupt this balance. For these and other reasons, many women choose breast augmentation to attain a more balanced figure. Making the decision to enhance your breasts is an exciting first step toward… Read More »

Post-Menopause Tummy Tuck – Why Many Women opt For The Procedure After “The Change”

Menopause may make it difficult to keep off weight and can prevent women from reaching their cosmetic goals. More and more women are now choosing to undergo tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) procedures to combat the changes seen with menopause. However, this procedure isn’t just about aesthetics. A tummy tuck can also correct functional problems, such as… Read More »

How to Correct Uneven Breasts

  Nearly 50% of all women have asymmetrical or uneven breasts. In most cases the difference is imperceptible. In adolescence uneven breasts can be distressing, but education and options for correction can help relieve some of the anxiety caused by this condition. The Breast: Explained Breasts are comprised of adipose, or fat tissue, and milk-secreting… Read More »