Body Contouring Procedures

As an experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Eric Pugash recognizes that many men and women are unable to achieve their desired body contours through diet and exercise alone. Many life events, such as childbearing and major weight loss, can dramatically change the physique and leave behind folds of excess skin and subcutaneous fat. While exercise and lifestyle changes can contribute, plastic surgery can help to remove the redundant tissues.

Dr. Eric Pugash offers several highly effective body contouring procedures as well as comprehensive procedure combinations. Dr. Pugash performs thorough pre-surgical consultations to help his patients select the most appropriate treatments. During this time he explains each patient’s cosmetic surgery options and answers any questions they might have. Dr. Pugash strives to thoroughly educate his patients about their treatments so that they are completely ready on the day of surgery.

To learn more about the procedures Dr. Pugash’s patients frequently request, please explore the pages listed below:

Patient Experiences