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    Aging Gracefully Through Your 40s: Top Facial Procedures

    One of the latest trends in cosmetic medicine is women in their 40’s choosing surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures to enhance their beauty. They look to improve signs of facial aging such as crow’s feet and deep-set lines, as well as hollow cheeks, wrinkles, and folds.  Today, women at this stage of their lives are… Read More

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    Why Facelifts Are Growing More Popular With Younger People | Dr. Pugash

    When we think of facelifts, we immediately think of older people wanting to turn back the clock on their signs of aging. However,  increasing numbers of younger people are taking control their “pre-juvenation” process by actively slowing down their own visible signs of aging. The trend means that people can enjoy facial rejuvenation earlier in… Read More

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    Excess Skin or Excess Fat: Why it Matters

    No matter how hard you’ve worked to lose weight, excess, loose skin increases your weight and throws your figure off balance. Even the most dedicated exercise and diet enthusiasts can struggle with those few extra pounds on their abdomen.The presence of excess skin can be frustrating and contribute to a negative self-image. Removing excess skin… Read More

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    Book these Fall Procedures Now

    The coming of fall means less intense exposure to the sun. This allows for more intensive topical skin care of the face, neck, chest and back. It also allows time to get into shape for summer 2018, as well as all the holiday activities that lie ahead. Start working on these areas now: Face, eyes,… Read More