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  1. The Differences Between a Tummy Tuck and a Mommy Makeover You Should Know

    Body contouring procedures are at the top of the list for mothers seeking ways to recapture their pre-pregnancy bodies. While maintaining a healthy diet and working out regularly will go a long way to achieve optimal weight, these steps alone aren’t enough to reverse the effects of pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. Mommy makeover and tummy… Read More

  2. What Does a Mommy Makeover Include, and Am I a Good Candidate?

    When a woman becomes a mom her kids become her entire world, which often means she puts her wants and needs on the back burner. Many mothers wish to get back to their pre-pregnancy bodies. Still, even with a determined diet and exercise regimen, this may represent an uphill battle. In recent years, plastic surgeons… Read More

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    The Difference Between Weight Loss and Body Contouring Explained

    Many people try to lose weight by exercising vigorously and adhering to a strict diet. But sometimes all this work fails to remove stubborn deposits of fat. That slim, toned body remains solely in the possession of Hollywood starlets. When your own efforts fall short, it makes sense to bring in cosmetic and even plastic… Read More

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    Excess Skin or Excess Fat: Why it Matters

    No matter how hard you’ve worked to lose weight, excess, loose skin increases your weight and throws your figure off balance. Even the most dedicated exercise and diet enthusiasts can struggle with those few extra pounds on their abdomen.The presence of excess skin can be frustrating and contribute to a negative self-image. Removing excess skin… Read More

  5. Mommy Makeover

    The goal of a mommy makeover is to reduce the unwelcomed effects of childbearing and restore a woman’s body to its pre-pregnancy shape. Your mommy makeover will be customized to treat your specific concerns and help you achieve your ideal cosmetic outcome. Women looking to have a mommy makeover should be healthy, and should have lost most… Read More

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    Mommy Makeover – How Does Your Body Change Postpartum?

    Pregnancy, especially multiple pregnancies, can be tough on a woman’s body. Rapid weight gain followed by delivery and rapid weight loss, all can cause havoc. Common problems include fat around the abdomen, stretch marks and sagging breasts. Moms may turn to surgery to reclaim their body and self-esteem. The mommy makeover helps many women to… Read More

  7. Most Popular Mommy Makeover Combinations

    Every mommy makeover is different; your post-baby body concerns and goals may be different from another patient’s. These goals could include larger, perkier breasts, a tighter, toned abdomen or slimmer thighs. Dr. Eric Pugash is well-known for his dedication and care in helping mothers restore (and even improve upon) their pre-baby bodies. In this blog… Read More