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Mommy Makeover – How Does Your Body Change Postpartum?

Pregnancy, especially multiple pregnancies, can be tough on a woman’s body. Rapid weight gain followed by delivery and rapid weight loss, all can cause havoc. Common problems include fat around the abdomen, stretch marks and sagging breasts.

Moms may turn to surgery to reclaim their body and self-esteem. The mommy makeover helps many women to reverse some of these changes.


Mothers can find it difficult to regain the abdominal tightness they had before children. Diet and exercise are good for general health, but they cannot correct the muscle separation or skin laxity brought about by pregnancy. Separation of the abdominal muscles is called diastasis recti, and is nearly universal after pregnancy. Skin laxity (loose skin) is another problem that occurs when the belly has been stretched for nine months.

Abdominoplasty, also known as tummy tuck surgery, is a definitive solution for flattening the belly. This procedure repairs the abdominal muscles, tightens the core, and removes stubborn fat deposits and excess skin from the belly. When performed with liposuction, tummy tuck surgery can bring the abdomen closer to its appearance in the days before pregnancy.


Age, gravity and breastfeeding can bring dramatic changes to a woman’s breasts. The breasts often lose volume, leading to a loss of youthful size that can be disheartening.

Breast lift, implants or both can restore the appearance of the breasts to a more youthful form. A lift will reposition the breast and the nipples, while implants will restore volume and size. These procedures will not only bring back elevation and firmness but can improve self-confidence as well.

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks on the abdomen and hips can only be reduced with surgery. Creams and lasers cannot remove stretch marks. A tummy tuck will eliminate lower abdominal stretch marks by removing excess skin below the belly button, leading to a smoother, flatter abdomen.


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