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What is the Best Breast Enhancement Procedure for That “Push-Up” Bra Look?

They say that beauty is only skin deep, but for body contours, it’s what’s underneath that counts. This fact is especially true for breast appearance. Accredited plastic surgeon, Dr. Eric Pugash prefers to give his patients seeking breast enhancement a more natural appearance with a greater degree of cleavage and fullness throughout the upper pole areas. He strives for optimal results which agree with a natural, anatomical correction for rounder, firmer, and shapelier breasts.

Here, we explain how Dr. Pugash chooses the best treatment protocols for helping his patients achieve the popular “push-up bra look.”

Achieving Fullness Up Top

Whether you desire breasts that are larger or have more upper pole volume, Dr. Pugash recommends breast augmentation surgery. Choosing the right implant is the key to achieving your cosmetic goals for breast enhancement. Your choices come in various shapes and types, delivering different degrees of projection from the chest.

Women who want a more natural result may consider a teardrop implant (anatomic) which has a textured surface for high cohesion. A moderate degree of outward projection will provide you the results consistent with your goals.

Individuals who want to add fullness with more cleavage through the upper breast pole should consider a round implant with a higher degree of projection from the chest area. This implant allows women to achieve the fashionable push-up bra look, without having to wear uncomfortable support bras. Women who require elevation to complement their improved breast projections may want to consider combining their breast augmentation surgery with a breast lift.

Push-Up Bra Look with Breast Implants

The push-up bra look is a look many women enjoy because it has a sexy appeal and often signifies youthful breasts. When patients come to see us for breast surgery, many express that they would like to make the push-up permanent. Although the look is fashionable, Dr. Pugash will only consider the procedure if it aligns with the patient’s natural characteristics, medical history, and body type. A thorough consultation ensures Dr. Pugash and patients understand each other clearly.

Implant Placement

When a patient considers breast augmentation surgery with implants, Dr. Pugash takes precise measurements of breast size, width, and supporting tissue. These variables will come into play for choosing the right implant. Getting the implant position right will ensure his patient an outcome they can enjoy for several decades to come.

Positioning the implants higher with perhaps a lift will provide his younger patients the push-up bra effect. For older patients, it may be more appropriate to allow the implants to sit lower, considering the patient’s age. Of course, this must align with the patient’s aesthetic goals and her body type. A high initial position safeguards the best long-term results.

To learn more about the push-up bra look and how to get started improving your breast contour, schedule a consultation today.