Are Cup Sizes Reliable?

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Did you know the vast majority of women are wearing the wrong size of bra and do not even realize it? Many remain unaware of how many different types of bras are for sale today and often choose ones that have too small of a cup. While some women’s breasts do change and move around, the design, quality, and craftsmanship by bra companies does differ, which can cause a lot of consumer confusion when it comes to down to sizing. Different standards can also make it hard when trying to figure out cup sizes because they are not always reliably marked. Here are a few reasons why cup sizes on bras are not an exact science.

Your Volume Is Important 

A big reason why cup sizes might not be reliable across bra brands is due to your breast volume. Companies approach breast volume differently. Some might try to go for a ‘one size fits all’ approach that might result in a cup size that is too small if you have a lot of volume.  Your breasts might fit differently into different bras even if the cup size is the same due to how the bra molds with your body.

The Inconsistency Of The Cup System

Cup sizes are often labeled differently depending on where the bra was manufactured. For example, a brand such as Victoria’s Secret sometimes list DD and DDD cups as the same as E and F. These sizing inconsistencies are due to the fact that there is no worldwide cup size standard. Different countries have adopted their own systems that often have some differences. Warner’s created the traditional A-B-C-D cup system for customers in the United States in 1935. The United Kingdom did not adopt this standard until the 1950s, and still have some big differences in their cup sizing system today. U.S. manufacturers use multiple letters (DD, DDD) for larger cup sizes, while the United Kingdom moves on to letters such as E, F, and G. Brands in different countries also often use different sized fit models to test out styles. This could mean a B cup in one country is a few centimeters bigger than one in another. These small measurement changes can make it hard for you to shop in a consistent manner.

Cup Sizes Can Depend On The Brand

 You might walk into two different stores and get totally different bra advice, even if each shop says you have the same cup size. This comes down to how the store actually measures and sizes your breast. Some shops come up with a cup size by measuring straight across and above your bust. Others might want to measure your underbust or your ribcage measurement to give you a proper band and cup size. This can lead you to try on multiple bras until you find one that feels comfortable, even if the cup sizing is different than what you are used to.

Cup Sizes Can Vary With Craftsmanship

There are a lot of different pieces that go into a bra. Some companies choose to use poorer quality materials that might not be as sturdy. Materials that are cheap often will not support and mold to your breasts well, which means the bra might not be as comfortable. Good quality bras usually fit true to the cup size since the materials and construction are consistent. Companies that are lesser quality might not have consistent measuring standards, so two bras with the same labeled cup size could actually have different measurements. This might mean the bra would not wear as well, leading you to buy a different cup size in order to get a good fit.

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