Why Winter Is the Best Time for Plastic Surgery

With fall a distant memory and wintertime in full force, if you’ve been considering plastic surgery, there’s no time like right now. Winter and its colder months offer great opportunities for discreet plastic surgery and more comfortable recovery. Here’s why:

Less Sun and Cooler Temperatures Equals Easier Recovery

Because your skin will be at its most vulnerable after a cosmetic procedure, it’s essential to protect it from sun and heat. Any overexposure to either could result in a longer recovery, with surgery wounds struggling to heal. With the days shorter and cooler, winter makes recovery much easier to manage.

Miss Fewer Days While You Heal

Businesses traditionally slow down during the holidays, and scheduling plastic surgery procedures offers a unique opportunity to maximize vacation or personal time. Because most cosmetic surgeries require a couple to a few weeks of downtime, planning your procedure during the winter can save vacation days as you carve out time to recover.

As a bonus, many networks air festive movies and shows during this time, and you can get great entertainment on your couch while your body heals.

Best Time to be Indoors

Because frigid Canadian winters push people indoors until spring, the winter months provide excellent timing to recover from your surgery. If you must go outdoors, you can bundle up with heavy layers, jackets, and scarves to hide your incisions, swelling, or bruising. You’ll also find it easier to conceal surgical compression garments that are necessary after the procedure.

Fewer Special Events Happen After Holidays

Once Christmas and New Year are over, few special events happen until the spring. This period gives you time to recover for graduations, weddings, and other special events that occur once the weather gets warmer.

If you have such events on your calendar, think about how wonderful you will look when you attend. It’s all made possible by planning your cosmetic surgery now.

You’ll Recover Fully Before Summer

For many women and men who live in British Columbia, looking great for their summer excursions provides a significant motivation for undergoing their desired cosmetic procedure in the winter. So whether you’re interested in breast surgery, facial rejuvenation, or body contouring, it will be exciting to show off your new look this summer.

Depending on your plastic surgery, it may take three to six months to realize the full benefits. This means you must plan if you want to look fabulous on the beach, poolside, or on a boat this summer. Scheduling plastic surgery from November through February will give you sufficient time to heal and look your best when the climate turns warmer.

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