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  1. What Can Eyelid Surgery Treat?

    Blepharoplasty is a cosmetic procedure performed on the upper or lower eyelids, or both. It should be performed by a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon who has dedicated his practice to natural-looking and effective results. Dr. Eric Pugash performs eyelid surgery in Vancouver for aesthetic enhancement. Dr. Pugash will help you to choose the best… Read More

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    Eyelid Surgery vs. Brow Lift: What You Need to Know

    In having many discussions with our patients, we’ve learned that many of them misunderstand the distinction between brow lifts and eyelid surgery. Although both are excellent options that aim to improve one’s facial appearance, patients often don’t know what each operation does and how they differ. In this post, we would like to clear up… Read More

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    Eyelift or Facelift? How to Know which Procedure is Appropriate

    An eyelift, also known as “eye surgery” and “blepharoplasty”, restores a youthful look to eyes that have sagged and drooped.  Some patients believe that a droopy eyelid may indicate that a full facelift is required.  This is not necessarily the case and an eyelift or under eye correction may be performed independently of a facelift…. Read More

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    Eye Lift Surgery: Rejuvenate your Appearance with Minimal Down Time

    The eyes are one of the first areas of the face to reveal signs of aging. In addition to the appearance of crow’s feet (the crinkles at the corner of the eyes) the lids begin to droop and bags form under the eyes. Crepey skin may appear on the upper lid.  Fortunately, surgical correction of… Read More