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Breast Lift and Implants: Is This Two-Part Procedure Right for You?

Sagging breasts may result from pregnancy, breastfeeding, gravity and age. While a breast lift can do wonders for re-positioning the breasts and restoring perkiness, it cannot reverse a substantial loss in volume. Women who are concerned about sagging as well as loss of volume are candidates for breast lift combined with implants. This procedure is effectively rejuvenates the breasts while enhancing cleavage and volume.

What Does a Breast Lift Do?

A breast lift removes excess skin, repositions sagging breast tissue and reduces and raises enlarged areolas. Dr. Pugash can restore youthfulness and firmness to the breasts with a breast lift, and in many cases also improve symmetry.

Will a Breast Lift with Implants Be Right for Me?

Many women who complain of sagging also experience loss of volume in the upper part of the breast, or upper pole.

Despite its many benefits, a breast lift can’t reliably restore fullness to the upper pole of the breast. Some surgeons claim to reposition breast tissue toward the upper pole, but the results are usually temporary. Patients are generally much happier when implants are added to the breast lift, as the breast has pleasing fullness that cannot be achieved with the lift alone. It’s important to point out that implants placed into sagging breasts will exacerbate the degree of drooping, which is why so many patients pair implants with a lift.

Am I Candidate for Breast Lift with Implants?

Breast lift with implants combines breast augmentation’s volumizing effect with the lifting and repositioning results of the breast lift. The procedure targets several conditions:

  • Nipples positioned below the breast
  • Nipples that point downwards
  • Loss of volume in the upper breasts
  • Excess skin
  • Asymmetry

Do any of the conditions above apply to you? If you answered “yes,” then you might be a candidate for breast lift with implants.


Breast lift with implants is performed by combining breast lift and the insertion of implants in one procedure, so you will be able to recover much more efficiently. Your recovery will be quite similar to the recovery for breast lift and breast augmentation alone: you will be able to return to work after a week of rest and resume strenuous activity after two weeks.

Dr. Pugash has the skill and experience to help you attain your unique aesthetic goals. This is truly the ultimate breast enhancement procedure. To learn more about breast lift with implants contact the offices of Dr. Eric Pugash to schedule a consultation.