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Preparing for Your Plastic Surgery Consultation

A successful consultation is key to a successful plastic surgery experience. The consultation is not a formality; it is the forum where you and your surgeon explore your concerns, the treatment options and possible risks. Your consultation will educate and inform you on the intricacies of your treatment, and is also an opportunity for you and your surgeon to get to know each other. To help you start on solid footing, Dr. Pugash has compiled 5 important tips to help you prepare for your consultation.

1. Do Your Homework

During your consultation you and your surgeon will have an in-depth discussion on what to expect from your plastic surgery procedure. You should prepare for your meeting by learning some basic details about your procedure; make sure to research what your operation will entail, the expected recovery and the results you might expect. This will help you plan relevant questions to ask your surgeon.

2. Prepare a Copy of Your Medical History

Be prepared to provide your medical history. Certain conditions can increase the risk of complications from plastic surgery, and may mean you are not a candidate. Be honest about your past and present medical conditions, the kinds of medicine and prescription drugs you take, and your history of alcohol, tobacco and drug use. Plastic surgery is a real surgery, and your physician needs an accurate picture of your medical situation before moving forward.

3. Know What You Want

What do you hope to achieve from your plastic surgery procedure? Take some time to think about this before your appointment. What do you hope to accomplish? Why are you considering this particular procedure? How do you think it will benefit you? Your surgeon should not have to guess what you want, so it’s up to you to know what your goals are and to communicate them clearly.

4. Prepare Questions

This the best opportunity to have your concerns addressed, so have all your questions ready. Having your basic concerns addressed early in the session paves the way for a more detailed and rewarding discussion. It’s crucial that you come into your plastic surgery procedure with eyes wide open. Your consultation is about making the best of the time you have with your surgeon; you want to leave feeling comfortable and reassured about your upcoming procedure.

Don’t forget, it’s not all about the treatment; use your consultation to learn more about your doctor. What’s their experience with the procedure? How frequently do they perform it? The more you know about your surgeon, the easier it is to establish trust and rapport.

5. Make Time

Plan ahead so that you don’t have to rush through your consultation. A rushed consultation can lead to confusion and misunderstanding, so schedule your day so that your consultation can take up as much time as you need it to.

Also, it may be preferable not to attend your consultation with small children in tow. Some moms are convinced they can look after their restless young ones AND absorb a great deal of complex medical information. This is unfortunately not the case for everyone. While unforeseen situations do arise, please make every effort to attend your consultation under circumstances that will allow you to remain focused on communicating with your surgeon, and to retain as much as possible from this important conversation.

Preparation is the best way to ensure a meaningful and productive consultation. If you’re ready to start the process for plastic surgery, contact the office of Dr. Eric Pugash to schedule a consultation.