Tighten Your Tummy with These Tips

Tighten Your TummyThe abdomen is a perpetual “problem area” for many men and women. With the summer months approaching, it’s a good time to try a couple of different ways to slim and tone the abdominal area. Vancouver plastic surgeon Eric Pugash, MD has curated a list of tips to help you tighten your tummy and improve your overall physique.

Work on Your Posture

Did you know that simply adjusting your posture can make your midsection appear slimmer? Try to pull your belly button to your spine as you stand, sit or even lie down. This strengthens your abdominal muscles and pulls in your tummy. And don’t slouch — keep your back straight, too. Women’s Health magazine recommends exploring different exercises that encourage proper alignment, like Pilates, ballet and yoga.

Get Plenty of Exercise

Cardio and strength exercises will help you shed the layer of fat covering your abdominal muscles, and tighten the abdominal wall, too. Work with a trainer who can monitor your form to make sure the exercises are working effectively and you’re engaging your abs properly.

Clean Up Your Diet

Modifying your diet is another way to lose fat in your midsection, look leaner all over and get the nutrients your body needs! Make sure you’re eating plenty of sources of lean protein (e.g., salmon, Greek yogurt), leafy greens and healthy fats. Celebrity trainer and nutrition expert Harley Pasternak suggests heart-healthy fats in Hass avocados and almonds that are filling and satisfying. Pasternak also recommends apples and eggs (egg yolks should be eaten in moderation), which are packed with vitamins and other nutrients.

Explore Surgical Correction

If diet and exercise aren’t giving you the results you desire, you may be a suitable candidate for tummy tuck surgery (the clinical term for the procedure is abdominoplasty). Tummy tuck surgically removes excess skin and fat and tightens the abdominal muscles. It is particularly effective for women who have given birth and cannot naturally tighten or reduce the loose, saggy skin in their midsection via diet or exercise efforts.

Schedule a Surgical Consultation

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