Study Says Breast Lift Decreases Bra Size

Breast Lift Effects on Bra SizeAccording to a study published in the July issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons), it is common for women who undergo breast lift to wear smaller bras after surgery.

A team from New York University followed up with 20 women who had breast lift surgery. Five years after their procedure, the women were asked about their bra cup size before surgery versus after surgery. They reported an average decrease of approximately one cup size.

The study accounted for weight change and other factors that could affect bra fit. The women also confirmed no change in bra manufacturer (which is important, considering that sizing can vary drastically between brands).

What Caused the Change?

The subjects of the study only underwent breast lift — they did not have their breasts reduced or enhanced with implants. To what can this change in bra size be attributed?

Lead researcher Dr. Katie Elizabeth Weichman said the difference reflects the effects of the breast lift itself, and is not a true reduction in breast size.

Women with saggy breasts and excess skin may feel more comfortable with a larger, looser-fitting bra because of the excess skin. Also, a breast that sits lower on the chest usually fits more comfortably into a larger bra than a breast of the same size that sits higher on the chest.

With breast lift, the surgeon generally does not remove any tissue, but does remove the skin to improve the shape of the breasts. After the excess skin has been removed and the breast shape has been improved, women find it is more comfortable to wear a tighter-fitting bra with a smaller cup.

Why Is This Important?

The authors of the study believe this information is critical to setting appropriate patient expectations of breast lift surgery. “Consequently, conveying to them at the initial visit, that lifting alone will result is a smaller cup size avoids the potential for over reducing and patient dissatisfaction,” Dr. Weichman and her coauthors said.

Also important to know: All the study’s subjects reported that they were satisfied with their breast lift results. This is good news if you are considering having breast lift to improve the position of saggy breasts!

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