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How to Enhance Your “Side Boob” Silhouette

Whether it’s Jessica Beil on the red carpet, Gigi Hadid on the beach, or Kylie Jenner taking a selfie, the trending “side boob” is changing the way women want to show their cleavage and turn heads when they’re on display. This look is getting enormous attention in the media, but how can you bring it home to you? Here is some information on the side boob trend and some cosmetic procedures that can help you rock it to draw attention your way.

Side Boob Explained

Side boob cleavage is precisely what it infers—it’s the side view of your breast revealed in blouses or dresses, when the spotlight shifts from the front of your breasts to either side. It is trending for women to show the profile of their breasts subtly in t-shirts, tank tops, bathing suits, and dresses. The side boob cleavage is naturally pleasing in some women, but anyone can use these tips to accentuate theirs.

Clothing Choices to Optimize Side Boob Presence

Many of today’s tank tops and casual dresses have the large armholes that flash the breast’s heft. The key is to avoid revealing then nipple. Television shows and social media platforms draw this line and keep to it diligently. The flesh around the nipple is always fair game, but never the nipple itself. Who can forget Janet Jackson’s “accidental” wardrobe malfunction during the SuperBowl halftime show in 2004. This “nip slip” resulted in MTV being permanently banned from organizing a halftime show ever. If a nipple appears on Instagram or Facebook, the powers that be remove the image and block the poster from the platforms for three days.

“Fashion” Tape and Tape Bras Keeps Things PG

To avoid your own wardrobe malfunction, explore the use of fashion tape or the “tape bras” that Kim Kardashian swears by. Carefully positioned fashion tape ensures the nipple stays covered, keeping you comfortable and confident. If a tape bra can keep Kim’s 34D breasts contained, it will secure most.

The Surgical Side Boob Remedy

For women who need cosmetic enhancements, Dr. Pugash and his staff offer solutions that can have you rocking a side boob in a matter of months. Here are your options:

Breast Augmentation

When breast size is an issue, the best way to increase your side boob presence is breast augmentation using implants. This option is the most direct way to achieve your breast profile goals. Breast implants come with certain risks that could hinder side boob display like rippling, so you must choose a skilled plastic surgeon who specializes in breast surgery.

Implant placement under the muscles will reduce the risk of wrinkling or rippling, and it critical to choosing the right implant for breast profile that is proportionate to your body as well.

Breast Lift

The key to a side boob visual is that your breasts have a youthful elevation and an upward curve. This trait will not only reflect a more pleasing position but a sensual crease as well. It will also leave a beautiful picture for your admirers.

A breast lift is designed to support breast tissue that is stretched by hormonal changes, childbearing or both. It will improve nipple location and can diminish the size of the areola (pigmented skin around the nipple) too. When volume and elevation are both issues, combining a lift with breast augmentation will enhance your results.

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You don’t have to walk a runway, stand before photographers on a red carpet, or be a celebrity at a premiere to show a sexy side boob. You can garner that attention poolside or in a formal dress.
If you are looking to show a little side boob with outfits that hang low under your arms, and want that look to be as pleasing as possible, contact Dr. Pugash today to schedule a consultation and learn what options will work best for you.

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