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4 Aesthetic Options After Breast Implant Removal

Women with breast implants may eventually reach a point where they decide to remove them. Common reasons include being ready for a change, no longer wanting implants, or the current implants failing to achieve the desired look. Regardless of why you’re considering breast implant removal, it’s crucial to understand you have options. 

Breast augmentation has been one of the most popular aesthetic procedures for decades, so it’s easy to understand why breast implant removal is also becoming a frequent request. Here is a list of options available to women who want their current breast implants gone.

Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction can help women who are tired of the increased size of their breasts due to neck or back pain. Just like too much natural breast tissue can cause pain on smaller body types, additional weight and projection from implants can have the same effect. Frequently, this problem does not reveal itself until years later. When it does, a breast reduction can resolve these issues and bring more comfort to the patient and add quality of life.

Breast Augmentation Revision

When breast implants fail to deliver the results they want, they may decide to have a revision. This option may result from complications like capsular contraction or that the implants are too small or too large. The objective of breast implant revision is to correct any dissatisfaction with the original surgery to ensure optimal results. This choice often includes replacing the implants with a different size or type of device.

Breast Lift

If a woman is entering a stage in her life when implants have lost their appeal, removing the implants without replacing them may be her best choice. This approach may include a lift to remove excess skin and reinforce breast tissue to provide a necessary lift. A Breast Lift may be the best choice for women who seek a more active lifestyle as larger implants restrict movement, making activities like running and jumping uncomfortable.

Implant Swap With a Lift

Most plastic and reconstructive surgeons advise that women over 40 have a breast lift. Although women who have implants don’t need to remove them to consider a lift, those who are looking to increase their breast appearance by altering the size and improving their location may consider swapping out their implants with this procedure. This option allows for all the benefits of the new implants while revising their youthful elevation.

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For women who want to remove their implants, they should decide how best to manage what to do afterward. The loss of breast volume can leave aesthetic concerns like sagging or excess skin. If you would like to understand your best options after breast implant removal, contact us today for a consultation. 

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