Breast Augmentation Choices for Runners

Are you considering breast augmentation, but worry the implants may interfere with your active lifestyle? Women who enjoy strenuous exercises like running or cross-fit are skeptical about cosmetic treatments that may hinder their workout routines. They want to continue their healthy lifestyle with activities that burn calories, boost metabolism, and lower their body fat index.

Runners should take special care to ensure their breast enhancement doesn’t make their roadwork uncomfortable. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Eric Pugash, has worked with many athletes to create breasts that look great and complements their love of running.

What are the best breast surgery options for runners? Below is a list of our top recommendations.

Consider Size

Large breasts are not always conducive to running. Their weight makes continuous movement uncomfortable, leading to pain in your back and shoulders. If your body is lean and taut, you won’t need much implant size to enhance your lean frame. Small breast implants are becoming more popular, and these won’t interfere with your exercise.

Dr. Pugash will measure your chest wall before choosing any implants. He will help you select the correct size that will deliver your desired figure without compromising the ability to move your arms while running.

Placement Consideration

Implant placement for breast augmentation will be over or under the pectoral muscle. For women who are runners, the sub-glandular placement (over the pectoral muscle and under breast tissue) is preferable for mobility.

This implant placement is a better option because:

  • Less distortion—Pectoral muscles contract and may cause the implant shape to change. Runners use the chest muscles continuously as their arms swing from front to back causing discomfort and the occasional misshapen implant.
  • Shorter recovery—Runners love to be out on the road daily, and time away can impede their conditioning. With the sub-glandular placement, returning to physical exercise is sooner after surgery than sub-muscular placement. In most cases, recovery time is cut by half.

There are exceptions to this rule. Sub-muscular placement may offer optimal results for runners who have little breast tissue to cover the implants.

Don’t Rush Your Recovery

After surgery, your body will need to heal. The recovery phase of the operation varies from patient to patient, so don’t try to rush back to your running routine. Start your post-surgery return to running by walking short distances first. Slowly increase your pace and distance. Increase pace when it becomes comfortable to do so, then add a slow jog accordingly. As your body continues to heal, work your way back to your pre-surgery routine.

If you push it too hard and rush back to your pre-surgery activity level, you may risk complications and cause damage. Be sure to consult with Dr. Pugash and his staff as you progress toward your pre-surgery exercise routine.

If you are a runner and would like to understand your breast augmentation options, call Dr. Pugash today at 604.522.5199 or schedule a consultation.