Why You Should Consider Body Contouring After Weight Loss

Losing a significant amount of weight through exercise and diet or bariatric surgery is an accomplishment that sometimes comes with unwanted side effects. Loose, sagging skin and residual fat deposits often remain after massive weight loss and can create an undesirable appearance. As a result many people struggle to enjoy their weight loss achievement.

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your slimmer body following massive weight loss, plastic surgery can help. Body contouring procedures remove excess hanging skin and fatty deposits to reveal a more attractive shape. In this blog post, Vancouver plastic surgeon Dr. Eric Pugash explains the benefits of body contouring.

Improved Contour

Rapid and substantial weight loss may leave loose skin. You may look smaller and thinner, but folds of hanging skin can hide your slimmer shape. Procedures such as tummy tuck surgery remove drooping skin to reveal a more attractive body shape. This allows you to show off your beautiful new shape without feeling self-conscious about unsightly, sagging skin.

Physical Relief

Following massive weight loss many people are motivated to live a more active lifestyle, but are stalled by the physical discomfort caused by excess skin. Hanging skin can rub against other parts of the body and chafe with running, walking or exercising. Additionally, sweat can accumulate between the folds of skin and cause infection. Removal of sagging skin can eliminate this discomfort and serve as a motivator for you to maintain a healthy physique and weight.

Boost in Self-Confidence

Many weight loss patients struggle to feel attractive after surgery and have trouble finding clothing that fits comfortably. Some patients choose to hide excess skin from the abdomen and chest with bulky sweaters or jackets. Others may be hesitant to show off their smaller figures in a bathing suit. They may become withdrawn or feel anxious over the appearance of their body. If your post-weight loss body is causing you feelings of anxiety or depression, body contouring can help. These procedures are designed to “fine tune” problem areas on your body to give you the confidence to proudly and confidently show off your new physique.

Body Contouring with Dr. Pugash

Take the next step in your weight loss journey with body contouring. Dr. Pugash offers the following procedures to help you sculpt your post-weight loss figure:

Breast lift raises sagging, deflated breasts to a more youthful position on the chest. The procedure also removes excess breast skin and reshapes the remaining skin and tissue for a more attractive shape.

Tummy tuck surgery firms and tones the abdomen. The procedure can also be performed to repair weakened abdominal muscles.

Liposuction removes small, stubborn fat deposits left after weight loss, which are often resistant to diet and exercise.

Dr. Pugash can combine these procedures for a more balanced and beautiful appearance.

To learn more about your body contouring procedures, contact Dr. Pugash today. Schedule a personal consultation by calling (604) 522-5199.