Facial Rejuvenation Treatments to Look Younger This Holiday Season

Every year around this time Vancouver plastic surgeon Dr. Eric Pugash sees an influx of patients scheduling consultations for cosmetic enhancement. This is no coincidence, as the holiday season brings plenty of reasons for us to want to look our best.

Dr. Pugash offers a range of nonsurgical treatment options that erase visible signs of aging for a refreshed and vibrant look during the holidays, all with little to no downtime or recovery.

Chemical Peel for Brighter Skin

Chemical peels slough away dead skin cells to make way for healthier skin and a radiant complexion. The treatment reduces the appearance of age spots, fine lines and other signs of sun damage. Chemical peels also prevent acne and blemishes from forming on the skin, so you have a smooth base for your holiday makeup.

Botox to Treat Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Botox injections temporarily weaken facial muscles to smooth wrinkles and creases on the skin. This treatment is especially popular during the holidays to treat the areas around the eyes, forehead and neck, all of which are prone to wrinkles and fine lines over time. If you’re considering having Botox to refresh your holiday look, Dr. Pugash can perform the treatment during your lunch break. The results are almost immediate and require no downtime.

Radiesse and Perlane to Add Volume to Sunken Areas

Soft dermal fillers restore fullness to areas of the face that have become sunken or hollow due to the effects of aging. Dr. Pugash offers Radiesse or Perlane to treat the areas underneath the eyes, cheeks and eyebrows by adding volume. These dermal filler treatments also fill in creases and lines, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Many of Dr. Pugash’s patients also seek these soft fillers to plump the lips, for a fuller, luscious appearance.

Like Botox, dermal fillers are temporary and last several months. If you are not entirely happy with the results, they will wear off in the ensuing months and you can adjust your treatment plan to fit your goals.

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