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Do’s and Don’ts After Tummy Tuck Surgery

If you are considering tummy tuck surgery, you may have already researched the procedure extensively. But what about the recovery period? Proper care during your recovery is critical to the success of your operation. Here, Dr. Eric Pugash offers some important do’s and don’ts for your recovery.

Don’t Rush the Recovery Process

It’s understandable to want to show off your slim and toned tummy right after surgery. However, it may take three to four weeks for you to recover from the procedure. During this time you should plan to take time off work and from your normal routine. This will allow your body to heal and for the swelling and bruising to clear. Rushing your recovery process can put strain on your body and affect your tummy tuck surgery results.

Don’t Smoke

Not only does smoking increase the risk of complications during surgery, it can also compromise your results after the procedure. Smoking breaks down elastin, a protein that keeps skin firm and elastic. It is even possible for skin to die, delaying healing and leaving unsightly scars. For a more beautiful abdomen, it is best to steer clear from smoking.  Dr. Pugash requires that his patients be nicotine-free for at least three months before abdominoplasty.

Don’t Lift Children

During your recovery you will need to rest and avoid vigorous activity, including all forms of exercise apart from walking. You should arrange for help with childcare if you have a young child who needs to be carried.

Don’t Skip Follow-Up Appointments

The recovery process varies from patient to patient, and it is important to meet with Dr. Pugash as directed. Based on your healing progress, Dr. Pugash may recommend more recovery time.

Do Your Recovery Shopping Ahead of Time

Shopping for some necessary items before surgery will reduce your stress and allow a more comfortable recovery. Buy plenty of easy-to-prepare foods, frozen meals and snacks. Stock up on water and juices. Buy cold compresses or bags of frozen vegetables to alleviate pain or soreness.

Do Ask Questions

It is important to let Dr. Pugash know of any pain or discomfort you may feel during your recovery. In case of a rare complication, Dr. Pugash can address it properly and promptly. He can also make suggestions or recommendations to improve your recovery.

Do Take Your Medications

Take all prescription medicine as directed. Do not take any over-the-counter medicine or painkillers without consulting Dr. Pugash first. Aspirin should be avoided during your recovery period because it increases the risk of bleeding. It is also wise to fill your prescriptions before your surgery so they are ready and available to take during your recovery.

To learn more tips on how to recover from tummy tuck surgery, contact Dr. Pugash today. Schedule your personal consultation by calling (604) 522-5199.