Why Winter Could Be the Best Time for Body Contouring

Are you considering improving your figure with cosmetic surgery? There are several things to think about to ensure a safe and effective procedure. At the top of your list is choosing a qualified surgeon. In addition, which surgery best fits your needs is also a concern. But in the planning process, many people fail to think about the timing of their surgery.

Like most people, you want your body shaping experience to be comfortable with the best possible results. Having your procedure during the colder months will provide the perfect timing for any surgery that requires recovery and downtime. Here’s why.

Time to Take Off for Recovery

Many of our patients have extra time off during the winter months. That makes scheduling a week or two of downtime easier without burning vacation time. It’s a great time to take a break from work without anyone asking too many questions about where you went or what you did.

Mothers with school-aged kids can book a mommy makeover once school is back in session to allow peace at home to rest after your operation.

Winter Clothes Hide Fresh Scars

When recovering from body sculpting, your side effects like bruising, swelling, or scarring could be apparent to your friends, neighbors, or co-workers.

Though these are unavoidable after any surgery, they are easier to hide beneath a loose sweater or forgiving sweat pants. Plus, you’re getting complete concealment and protecting your incisions from harmful UV rays.

The winter will give you time to mend and your scars to fade before you go out and flaunt your new figure in revealing summer clothes.

Recovery Is More Comfortable

After body contouring, you’ll need to wear a compression garment to control swelling and support your new contours while they heal. In warmer weather, wearing a tight compression garment can be sweaty and uncomfortable. But when the temperature is low, they provide another layer of insulation to keep you warm and cozy, not hot and miserable. Furthermore, colder temperatures keep post-op swelling to a minimum.

Be Ready for Swimsuit Season

After fully recovering from body contouring surgery, many of our patients look forward to showing off their sleeker physiques at the pool, the beach, or on vacation. By choosing to have your procedure in the winter, you’ll give yourself plenty of time to rest and heal.

When the warm weather returns, you’ll be ready no matter where your travels take you. Women will be proud to show off their bikini bodies, and men who choose abdominoplasty will be pleased with their taut tummies, too.

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