Why Fall and Winter Are the Perfect Months to Undergo Facial Rejuvenation

The temperatures are dropping, and Jack Frost is nipping at your nose. It’s time to bring out the coats, gloves, and scarves – and schedule an appointment to rejuvenate your appearance. What? Now? With Christmas and a new year approaching so quickly?

You read that correctly. Now is an ideal time for anyone interested in investing in their facial appearance and natural beauty to schedule aesthetic procedures. Read more to understand why!

Best Time for Recovery

For most people, the cooler months represent a time to hibernate indoors, relaxing, spending time with family, and focusing on work and exercise. Winter winds and colder air create the perfect opportunity to recover from any cosmetic procedures requiring healing and downtime. 

Scheduling a renewal in the winter gives you time to prepare for warmer weather, when social engagements like weddings, cookouts, and other get-togethers are a more regular occurrence.

Perfect Season to Cover Up

Sweater weather is the best time for cosmetic surgery because you can easily hide bandages, surgical garments, and swelling with layers of clothing. People might look askance at anyone wearing scarves, hats, and turtlenecks in the summer, but in fall and winter, nobody will give these garments a second glance, letting you hide the healing incisions of a brow lift or mini facelift.

No Sun, No Problem

It’s no secret that too much sun can damage your skin. It can also impede healing and cause discoloration and more noticeable scarring if you are recovering from facial surgery or skin resurfacing treatment.

If you’re investing in yourself with plastic surgery or other cosmetic procedures, it’s impossible to overstate the importance of your healing process.

To achieve the most natural-looking results from your rejuvenation, avoiding excessive sun exposure should be a priority. In the Northern Hemisphere, UV rays lose much of their strength starting in the fall, reaching their lowest point at year’s end.

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