Surprise Your Sweetheart with a Cosmetic Treatment

Do you struggle to pick out gifts for your significant other who has everything he or she needs or wants? Here’s an idea for the next holiday or birthday: the gift of a cosmetic treatment.

Back in December, ABC News reported an increase in the number of plastic surgery procedures being given as holiday gifts. One plastic surgeon in New York City reported a 35 percent increase in the number of gifted surgeries. (The most popular gifted procedures were nose jobs, eyelid surgery and breast augmentation). Another NYC plastic surgeon reported a 25 percent increase in people gifting Botox and a 20 percent increase in dermal fillers. A plastic surgeon in Chicago reported sales of more than 50 gift cards by the second week of December for non-surgical procedures, such as medical-grade peels. The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery also released a survey that showed a slew of people gifting cosmetic procedures than this year.

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, you may decide to show your loved one your affection by presenting him or her with a certificate for a procedure with Vancouver plastic surgeon Dr. Eric Pugash. Before you make the purchase, here are some things to consider.

Cosmetic Treatment Can Lift Their Spirits

The recent holidays and cold winter months often contribute to feelings of sadness. A facial rejuvenation procedure (e.g., facelift, Botox injections) can take years off of your significant other’s appearance and improve their spirits during the bleak winter.

Cosmetic Treatment Can Improve Self-Confidence

Plastic surgery or a non-surgical treatment can do wonders for someone’s sense of confidence. Imagine how happy and poised your loved one will be with fresh and healthy skin, more alert-looking eyes or the refined nose that they’ve always desired.

A Word to the Wise …

If you’re considering gifting your loved one surgery, make sure the gift will be warmly accepted. It’s only a good idea to gift your sweetheart plastic surgery if he or she has made it clear that they are considering surgery. If your wife has never discussed the desire to have breast implants placed, it would send the wrong message to gift her a voucher for breast augmentation (without any prior discussion).

Gift Yourself

It may make more sense for you to undergo surgery as a present to your loved one. For example, if you’ve been longing for breast implants for many years, imagine how positively your spouse will react when seeing you so happy with your breast augmentation results.

Gifting yourself a cosmetic treatment is also a great option if you’re single. Rejuvenating your appearance can improve your confidence and self-image before you jump into the dating scene.

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