Your New Year’s Beauty Resolutions

Beauty ResolutionsThe New Year is a popular time to set goals and make resolutions for the rest of the year. Patients of Vancouver plastic surgeon Eric Pugash often set health- and beauty-related resolutions. Many resolve to “age gracefully” or feel better about their appearance. If you’re seeking a little motivation, Dr. Pugash has some ideas to help you get started.

Be Kinder to Your Skin

Promise your skin you will take good care of it and regularly pamper it. Find a skin care regimen that you love and that works for your own unique needs (Dr. Pugash and our staff can make some recommendations). Make sure you’re giving your skin enough moisture (especially in the chilly winter months) and protecting it from the sun. If you’re diligent in your efforts, sun protection and moisturizing can help stave off signs of aging.

Also, if you haven’t gotten into the habit already, start getting regular skin cancer screenings at your dermatologist’s office. A professional can detect problems early and start immediate intervention before it’s too late.

Stock Your Fridge Properly

Your diet has a major impact on the way you look and feel. To look younger, healthier and leaner, make sure you’re eating enough fruits, vegetables and healthy proteins. Load up on leafy greens and “super foods” like blueberries and salmon. Replace sugary soft drinks and fruit juices with water, and swap out salty snacks like chips or crackers with colorful fruits.

Drop Unhealthy Habits

Smoking and living a sedentary lifestyle are tempting but destructive habits. Smoking raises the risk of cancer and heart problems, and can also produce signs of premature aging. A sedentary lifestyle has an impact not only on your physique but also the tone and texture of your skin. Make 2014 the year that you commit to a healthier lifestyle. You don’t have to go cold-turkey or extreme. Set manageable benchmarks (e.g., take the stairs instead of the elevator at work, smoke two fewer cigarettes a day by March) for greater chances of success.

Clean Out Your Makeup Bag

Give your makeup bag a good cleaning to ensure that the products you are using aren’t harming your skin. Ditch the old, junky, germ-ridden items like cracked powder blushes or tubes of congealed lip gloss. Once you’ve narrowed it down, go through what remains. If you’re unsure about whether a product is still good, give it a “sniff test” and throw out anything with a weird smell. Here are some other helpful tips:

  • Throw out mascara that is six months old or older.
  • Sharpen your eye and lip pencils monthly to clean them.
  • Clean your makeup brushes weekly with warm water and a drop of regular shampoo to prevent buildup (that can cause breakouts and infections).
  • Toss makeup sponges after every use.

Treat Yourself to a Cosmetic Procedure

Are you critical of an area of your face or body? Consider a cosmetic surgery procedure to improve your appearance or make you look years younger. If money is holding you back from pursuing surgery, set up a separate savings account for your procedure, or inquire at our Vancouver plastic surgery office about cosmetic surgery financing.

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