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Selecting the Right Implant Profile

As you plan your breast augmentation with your plastic surgeon, you’ll consider size, shape, position, and type of implant for the best fit with your body and your ideal image of yourself. One of the factors you may be less familiar with is the implant profile. The implant profile impacts how far your breasts project from your chest wall when you are standing upright — essentially the profile of your chest when seen from the side.

What Are Your Implant Profile Options?

There are three basic variables in choosing implant size and shape: volume, width, and profile. Two implants of the same volume can have different profiles. One with a smaller width will have a higher profile and give your breasts more projection. The profile can also be thought of in terms of thickness or height when an implant is placed on a flat surface

Low profile implants are comparatively thin when lying on a flat surface. They don’t add as much projection to your breasts. Low profile implants are often a good choice for women with wider chests and women seeking a more discreet augmentation. They typically produce teardrop-shaped breasts, not as full in the upper breast.

Moderate profile implants are a bit thicker than low profile implants and produce more projection. They may be a good choice for women with smaller or narrower chests, creating attractive and natural-looking enhancements with these physiques.

High profile implants are the option with the most projection. They produce a fuller, more rounded breast, more volume in the upper breast, and a more prominent cleavage. High profile implants may be the best choice for petite women with narrow chests, or when dramatic augmentation is desired.

Gradations along this scale are available, so it’s not simply a choice of one of the three profiles. Your plastic surgeon will help you choose the precise profile to enhance your figure and produce the look you want.

Choosing the Profile That’s Right for You

In working with you to choose your implants, your plastic surgeon will help you understand how different implant profiles will affect your outcome, which will work best with your physique, and which will get you the look you’re after.

Your Body Type — Your plastic surgeon will make detailed measurements of your chest dimensions as part of your consultation for breast augmentation, and will use those to recommend an implant profile to complement your physique. The profile choice should enhance your figure in a natural way.

Your Desired Outcome — Two women of the same body type may be seeking subtler or more dramatic outcomes from breast augmentation. Your plastic surgeon will discuss your goals for the procedure and may use 3-D imaging to show you the changes implants with different profiles will make.

Implant profile is just one of the choices you’ll be making as you work with your plastic surgeon to plan your breast augmentation. Rest assured that you won’t be expected to make all of these choices yourself. You’ll have expert guidance from your plastic surgeon. The most important choice you’ll make will be to select a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in breast augmentation. Look for natural-looking results in the surgeon’s before-and-after photos. Pay special attention to the results for women with body types similar to yours.

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