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Procedures to Help You Reach Your New Year’s Goals

2019 has arrived and many of us have set out several goals for the new year. If some of your goals pertain to your physical appearance, Dr. Pugash and his talented team may be able to assist you in achieving them. When you start to feel uncomfortable or unsatisfied with aspects of your appearance, it can easily affect your self-confidence and overall happiness. That’s why striving to look younger and healthier leads to feeling better and being more prepared to go after your other new year’s goals. Here are some common patient desires we see in our office and the procedures we offer that can help you achieve them.

Goal: Younger-Looking Skin

As we age, our skin loses vibrancy and volume and develops fine lines and wrinkles. These can produce a tired appearance or make you feel old or not as attractive as you used to be. Dr. Pugash offers a number of procedures that can help rejuvenate the skin and restore some of its former glow. Injectables such as Botox can temporarily weaken muscles involved in frequent facial expressions, which decreases the appearance of frown lines, forehead lines, and crow’s feet. Chemical peels are also wonderful ways to increase cellular turnover and reveal healthier, younger-looking skin. In addition to in-office procedures, Dr. Pugash also offers high-quality skincare products you can use at home to improve the appearance of the skin and prevent premature aging.

Goal: To Get Rid of Stubborn Fat

No matter how closely we follow a healthy diet and exercise plan, we can still experience stubborn areas of fat that simply won’t budge. You may be bothered by excess fat around your abdomen, in your ‘love handles’ or other places like your thighs or back. If you want to finally get rid of these trouble spots in 2019, Dr. Pugash offers liposuction, tummy tucks, and fat transfers. With proper weight management, these procedures can offer permanent solutions to areas of stubborn fat.

Goal: Facial Rejuvenation

No one likes dealing with sagging skin, loss of volume in their face, or heavy lines or wrinkles that may make them appear older than they really are. You want your outer beauty to match your inner beauty. Dr. Pugash offers several procedures that can address the signs of aging that are having the largest effect on your self-esteem. Whether you prefer non-invasive treatment such as a dermal filler or Botox, or you’re ready for surgery such as an eye or full facelift, Dr. Pugash can help you develop a plan that will restore your youthful appearance.

Goal: Be a Youthful Mom

If you’ve recently given birth, you probably know how difficult it is for your body to bounce back from this event. Though you’re obviously very much in love with your new baby, you might not be in love with the new body you see in the mirror every morning. Dr. Pugash can help address issues such as sagging or smaller breasts, stubborn areas of fat, or excess skin around the abdomen with either individual procedures or with a combined procedure known as a mommy makeover. Yes, you’re a proud mom, but your body doesn’t have to show it!

The new year is the perfect time to set intentions and goals and to plan on ways to make them a reality. If improving your physical appearance is on your list of goals this year, contact Dr. Pugash to find out how he can help you achieve them!