Will I Recognize Myself after Plastic Surgery?

We shan’t name names, but a few celebrities come to mind when we think of people who’ve been rendered virtually unrecognizable through plastic surgery. If you’re afraid that this might happen to you, read on for some reassuring information by Dr. Eric Pugash, including tips on how to ensure that you get beautiful results that still look like you post-surgery.

Find a Doctor with the Right Credentials

The results of your surgery can vary based on the surgeon you choose, so it makes sense to find a doctor with the right mixture of education, practical training and experience, as well as one who keeps up with the latest surgical techniques. However, not just any doctor will do: you need a plastic surgeon certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. This type of surgeon will have completed six to eight years of residency training. By comparison, a cosmetic surgeon who is not certified has likely only completed supplemental cosmetic surgery training. When choosing a doctor to trust for the most natural results, a plastic surgeon is clearly the wisest choice.

Look at the Doctor’s Work

You can judge the work of an artist through his or her creations. The same can be said of a plastic surgeon: peruse the patient photo gallery of before and after images. Find patients who have had the procedure that you are considering and look at their results. Do the patients look like they’ve had “work done?” Do they look like a different person, or just a well-rested, younger and sleeker version of their old selves?

Consult with Your Doctor Thoroughly

Make sure you and your doctor are on the same page by keeping the lines of communication open. This is usually done during more than one consultation, when you can discuss what changes you wish to see on your face or body and ask any questions about what to expect with your new look. You may also talk about what the procedure entails and the preparations you need to make for the recovery period.

Schedule Your Consultation

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