The Best Body Contouring Treatments for the Fall

Now that the warm weather is retreating and the cool, brisk winds of autumn are quickly approaching, your leisure activities may be shifting, too. Instead of pool parties or backyard cookouts, you might be focusing more on family time and your children’s school events. If anything about your body made you self-conscious over the summer, now is the ideal time to consider solutions.

Don’t Procrastinate

Perhaps it’s not the first time you’ve thought about things you’d like to change. Unfortunately, time is not on your side if your goals include eliminating stubborn fat or making your breasts perkier. With cooler weather approaching, any surgical recovery will become much more comfortable.

By getting a head start, you’ll be ready for the holiday season, when friends and family you’ve not seen for a while will marvel over how fantastic you look. If you are considering a body sculpting procedure, here are four options Vancouver plastic surgeon Dr. Eric Pugash offers to consider this fall.

1. Breast Augmentation

Have you dreamed of larger, more symmetrical breasts since you were a teen? Or, perhaps aging, pregnancy, or hormonal changes have significantly altered your breasts’ appearance, and you want to return them to how they looked when you were younger.

Breast augmentation is an operation to enhance the size and shape of your breasts and improve your body proportions. If you are naturally small-chested or your breasts have changed due to weight loss or childbirth, you might be a good candidate for this surgery.

2. Breast Lift

If having children, breastfeeding, or weight fluctuations have left your bustline drooping downward with a bit of a sag, a breast lift can work wonders to perk up your bustline to a more aesthetically appealing upward curve.

A lifting surgery is an aesthetic improvement that addresses sagging breasts by removing excess skin and strengthening connective tissues to create a firmer, rounder breast presence.

3. Tummy Tuck

If your midsection is soft and has lost its youthful shape because of age, pregnancy, or weight fluctuations, a tummy tuck can help. This cosmetic surgery removes excess skin and fat. In addition, it reinforces the abdominal muscles to improve core strength, support your spine, and reduce back pain.

The procedure requires a longer recovery than most aesthetic surgeries, so now is the time to prepare for the upcoming fall festivities.

4. Mommy Makeover

If you want to address multiple concerns simultaneously, a mommy makeover is worth considering. This combination of feminine cosmetic enhancements provides comprehensive body contouring for optimal results.

Dr. Pugash can tailor the procedure to meet your specific needs, addressing your breasts, body, or facial contours.

Rediscover Your Confidence With Body Contouring

If you’re still on the fence about having work done this fall, consult with a qualified plastic surgeon who specializes in body contouring procedures. Dr. Pugash is a skilled physician who has earned respect from his patients and the medical community.  To learn how we can help you achieve your body sculpting goals, contact us today for a consultation.