Researchers Find the Perfect Breast Shape

The Perfect Breast ShapeMen, women and plastic surgeons have agreed on the perfect breast shape, and the choice may surprise you.

According to a study performed by a group of plastic surgeons in London, the most popular breast shape has an upper pole to lower pole ratio of 45:55, meaning 45 percent of the breast is in the upper pole (above the nipple) and 55 percent of the breast is in the lower pole (below the nipple). This gives the breast a slightly sloped or teardrop shape, as opposed to a perfectly round and full shape.

A team of plastic surgeons in London showed more than 1,300 participants and 50 plastic surgeons images of four different-shaped breasts, and asked the participants to rank them according to attractiveness. The results were nearly unanimous: the breast ratio of 45:55 was deemed most attractive. The other breasts pictured had ratios of 35:65, 50:50 and 55:45.

Other Notable Findings

Researchers compared the responses of different age groups, across racial/ethnic groups and between men and women. They noticed several interesting trends.

According to the report, written by Dr. Patrick Mallucci (a plastic surgeon of the Cadogan Clinic) and Dr. Olivier Alexandre Brandford (a plastic surgeon of the Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust), 86 percent of women under 40 years old and 76 percent of women over 40 surveyed preferred the 45:55 breast ratio. The older group favored more fullness in the upper pole of the breast, “perhaps as a reflection of their own loss of projection over time,” Mallucci said.

Dr. Mallucci and his team were also surprised that men preferred the 45:55 ratio, as opposed to breast shapes that were fuller on top. Their preference contradicts the long-held assumption that men prefer breasts that are oversized with more volume on the upper portion and cleavage.

Finally, the team pointed out that there was no difference in answers across racial/ethnic groups, challenging the theory that cultural groups have varying perceptions of breast appearance.

What This Means for Breast Augmentation Candidates

The authors of the study believe that their findings may influence breast augmentation surgeons and possible candidates, and provide a template for all types of breast surgery. Women seeking breast lift, breast reduction and breast reconstruction will be interested in the breast shape with universal appeal.

“The end goal [is] to produce more acceptable, longer lasting results and ultimately more beautiful breasts,” the authors of the study said in the September issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Considering Breast Enhancement?

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