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Procedures to Book Now for Great Results by Fall

As summer comes to an end, many people are already filling up their calendars for fall and winter social events. The transition between summer and fall is the perfect time to get started on your ideal look for the next season.

While more invasive procedures should be avoided until after summer, there are plenty of minimally invasive and non-surgical procedures that will have you looking great for fall. Learn which procedures you should book now to step into fall with confidence.


Many people turn to diet and exercise to achieve a better shape, but these efforts alone aren’t always enough. Aging, weight fluctuations and other factors can all contribute to exercise-resistant fat.

When it comes to body contouring, liposuction is one of the most powerful and versatile options available. This procedure effectively targets stubborn fat deposits and sculpts the treated area to produce slimmer body contours.

During liposuction, a cannula is inserted through a small incision near the fat deposits. The cannula suctions fat away while also sculpting the area. The result is a slimmer body contour with permanently removed fat deposits.

The incisions used for liposuction are very small, making recovery much easier compared to more invasive body contouring procedures. This is why it’s a suitable option even during summertime. You will still need a few weeks to recover, but when scheduled toward the end of summer, you can enjoy a slimmer shape by early fall.


Injectables require absolutely no surgery, which is why they’re such a popular option during summer. There are two main types of injectables: dermal fillers and neuromodulators. Both can rejuvenate the face but they work in different ways.

Dermal fillers reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles by restoring volume to the area. Most fillers contain hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring substance that helps the skin stay plump and hydrated. It effectively fills in lines and wrinkles on the face with long-lasting results. Fillers can also restore volume to hollowed-out areas such as the cheeks and under eyes.

Botox (which is considered a neuromodulator) works by blocking signals sent from the nerve cells to certain facial muscles. This softens the appearance of movement-related wrinkles and smooths away stubborn skin creases.

With virtually no downtime or recovery, injectables allow you to resume your summer plans and easily stay rejuvenated for all of fall’s events. While the results of injectables are not permanent, most patients only require touch-up sessions every 4-6 months.

Chemical Peel

After spending long days in the sun, your skin might need some pampering at the end of the season. A chemical peel is a great option for restoring the skin’s natural glow after too much sun exposure.

During treatment, a chemical solution is briefly applied to the skin, which produces a controlled superficial injury. This gradually eliminates common skin concerns, including sun spots, hyperpigmentation, rough texture and fine lines. The body’s healing response also triggers the production of collagen for ongoing rejuvenation.

The entire treatment takes about 15-30 minutes to complete. Most patients only require about a week to recover, but this depends on the extent of treatment. Chemical peel results are long lasting, allowing you to have a refreshed appearance throughout fall and winter. Since a chemical peel makes the skin more sensitive, it’s best to undergo this procedure at the end of summer when you can avoid sun exposure for a week or two.

To book a cosmetic procedure and look your best for fall, contact plastic surgeon Dr. Eric Pugash today for a consultation.