How Does Pregnancy Affect Breast Implants?

stk211256rkeDr. Eric Pugash, a trusted plastic surgeon in Vancouver, consults with many women in their 20s and 30s who desire fuller breasts. Since many people also want to start a family at this age, they may wonder how pregnancy can affect breast implants.

Important Points to Consider

Pregnancy does not affect breast implants themselves. It does not compromise the integrity of the implant shell or filling, nor does it raise the risk of rupture, leakage or any other complication.

Breast implants do not affect the ability to nurse. The placement of the implants can be achieved without disturbing the milk ducts or nipples — so breastfeeding function is not affected. A woman who plans to breastfeed after surgery should alert her surgeon during consultation, so that the appropriate surgical options are selected.

Pregnancy does affect the breast tissue and skin. During pregnancy the breast glands enlarge with milk and the skins stretches to accommodate the growing breasts. After weaning the baby the breast glands return to their normal size; the skin envelope, however, may not contract over the reduced breast tissue.

It is difficult to predict how a woman’s breasts will look after pregnancy, whether or not she has implants. In some cases, the stretching and shrinking can cause breast ptosis (sagging). In other cases the breasts may return to their original size, shape and position after breastfeeding. For those who do develop ptosis, Dr. Pugash can perform breast lift to restore the breasts to a more youthful and attractive position on the chest.

Timing Your Breast Augmentation

This information is not intended to persuade young women who are years away from pregnancy to postpone desired breast augmentation. Those who don’t have immediate plans to start a family may certainly wish to learn more about their breast implant options.

If you are closer to starting your family it may be wise to delay cosmetic breast surgery until after you have finished breastfeeding, and your breast size, shape and position have stabilized. Since you don’t know how pregnancy and breastfeeding will affect your breasts, it might not be worth the gamble and possible need for additional operations.

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