Four Tips for Choosing the Most Flattering Breast Implants

Once you have decided to undergo breast augmentation, you will need to choose your breast implants and select the size that is appropriate for you. Vancouver plastic surgeon Dr. Eric Pugash shares four tips for choosing the most flattering breast implants.

Don’t Think About a Specific Bra-Cup Size

When describing your ideal breast implant size, referring to a bra-cup size is a good starting point. However, this should not be your only reference point. This is because different manufacturers refer to cup sizes differently. For example, what one manufacturer calls a C cup may be referred to as a D cup by another manufacturer. Keep an open mind when choosing an implant size. If you end up with a bra cup size that is different from what you originally had in mind but are happy with the way you look, then the bra size is irrelevant.

Consider Your Lifestyle

If you exercise frequently and enjoy high-impact sports, large breast implants may interfere with your active lifestyle. Overly large breasts are heavier and need more support than smaller breasts. While it is safe to exercise with breast implants of any size, overly large implants may make it uncomfortable to engage in such activities as running. If you have an active lifestyle, smaller sized implants may be more appropriate.

Know Your Body

When choosing your breast implants, it is important to take your body type and frame into consideration. If you are petite, large implants will look out of proportion with the rest of your body and make you look “top heavy.” On the other hand, if you are naturally curvy, a larger increase in breast size can add flattering shape to your body.

Keep an Open Mind

Many women go into to their initial consultation with a specific idea of the type and size of implant they want. Unfortunately, some have made up their minds without fully researching their options or first talking to a professional. The best way to choose breast implants that are appropriate to your cosmetic goals and physique is by consulting with a trained and experienced plastic surgeon. Dr. Eric Pugash is a Royal College of Canada-certified plastic surgeon who has helped countless women achieve their augmentation goals. He will discuss your aesthetic concerns with you in order to design a treatment plan that will help you achieve your goals.

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