Does Tummy Tuck Leave Scars?

Does tummy tuck leave scars?In this blog, we have discussed the benefits of tummy tuck surgery including a flatter, more toned abdomen. While the procedure has the potential to produce beautiful and successful results, many patients are hesitant to undergo surgery. One of the most common concerns Dr. Pugash hears from his patients is that tummy tuck surgery leaves scars. The truth is, all surgical procedures leave some degree of scarring and tummy tuck is no different. But the good news is that these scars improve over time — so long as you choose the right plastic surgeon and take proper care of your scars after surgery.

About the Procedure

A full tummy tuck requires two incisions: one across the lower abdomen and another around the navel. A mini tummy tuck requires only the incision across the lower abdomen. This incision is made right above the pubic area and up over the hips. Through this incision, Dr. Pugash removes excess skin and fat and retightens loose and weakened abdominal muscles. Patients are left with a scar across the lower abdomen and a fine scar around the navel. The scar across the lower abdomen can be hidden by most clothing, while the scar around the navel is small and will fade over time.

Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

The results of your tummy tuck surgery are highly dependent on the plastic surgeon who performs the procedure. First and foremost, you should only work with a board certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in performing tummy tuck surgeries. A highly experienced surgeon is trained in using the best incision techniques to minimize and hide tummy tuck scars.

During your initial consultation, it is a good idea to ask to see photos of previous tummy tuck surgeries the plastic surgeon has performed. This can give you an idea of how your results (and scars) will look. A reputable plastic surgeon such as Dr. Pugash will have plenty of before and after photos available for you to see.

Post-Op Care Matters

Your post-op care and lifestyle are critical for beautiful results. For example, for the first few months after surgery, proper sun protection is important. Overexposure to the sun can worsen the appearance of scars and cause them to take longer to return to your natural skin color. Sunburns may also cause scars to remain permanently discolored. Similarly, smoking after surgery can be detrimental to your recovery and cause scars to take longer to heal. Dr. Pugash can make other recommendations to enhance your post-op care during your initial consultation.

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