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Facial Implants vs. Fillers: What You Should Know

Men and women have many options these days when it comes to augmenting their facial features. Surgical options such as facial implants provide patients with long-lasting enhancements, while dermal fillers offer a convenient and temporary solution. Each of these procedures has its own advantages and disadvantages. The best choice depends on your anatomy and cosmetic goals. The following guide discusses everything you need to know about augmenting your features with facial implants and fillers.

What’s the Difference Between Facial Implants and Fillers?

Facial Implants

Dr. Pugash uses facial implants to permanently improve the proportions of a patient’s features. The primary implants used for this purpose are chin implants. When your face is viewed from the side, your nose and chin both play a crucial role in creating visual balance. If the chin is recessed it can disrupt this balance and cause your nose to look out of proportion with the rest of your features. For example, the nose often looks bigger when paired with a weak chin. Chin implant surgery corrects this by permanently augmenting the shape and projection of the chin. Also, augmentation of the chin can improve the appearance of the neck when there is a limited degree of skin laxity or fatty fullness.

The incision for chin implant surgery is typically made under the chin. The incision is short and is usually difficult to see after 4 to 6 months. The implant is made of silicone rubber, and is placed on the chin bone where it heals solidly into place. The ends of the implant are tapered, so that there are no visible steps.

Although a chin implant requires surgery, the procedure does not involve a significantly uncomfortable recovery period. It’s common for patients to experience mild swelling and bruising for the first two weeks, but these temporary side effects usually resolve by three weeks after surgery. At that point most patients return to work and social activities without any further aftercare needed. Facial implants are permanent, so their results are long lasting.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are highly versatile injectables that can both rejuvenate the face and augment facial features. Most dermal fillers are made from a naturally occurring substance called hyaluronic acid. This substance is found in the human body, and it helps skin cells bind to water. When injected, hyaluronic acid-based fillers plump up the skin with natural-looking volume. While fillers have rejuvenating effects and can smooth away wrinkles, they are also effective at enhancing facial features.

Dermal fillers are frequently used to reduce the appearance of cosmetic irregularities on the nose, including dorsal bumps. This is done by adding volume along the nasal bridge to create an even appearance.

These versatile injectables can also augment the cheeks. Dr. Pugash uses dermal fillers to restore lost volume in the cheek area, which produces a sculpted appearance. For those who prefer a less-invasive alternative to chin implants, filler can also be injected into the chin to increase projection and enhance the shape. Fillers are also excellent options for patients who want to improve the size or shape of their lips.

Unlike facial implants, dermal fillers are not permanent. Patients can expect their results to last around 6 months, but this depends on the specific product used and where it was injected. This non-surgical procedure requires virtually no downtime. Patients may experience some redness, bruising, or swelling, but these symptoms resolve on their own. The treatment itself is also quick, and can usually be performed in less than 30 minutes.

Which Procedure is Right for You?

While both procedures can produce exceptional results, the right choice for you depends on your personal anatomy and cosmetic goals.

In general, ideal candidates for facial implants include people who:

  • Have a recessed or weak chin
  • Have a facial profile that appears unbalanced
  • Have recently undergone (or plan on undergoing) surgical removal of loose skin or fat under the chin, and want to improve their neck/chin silhouette
  • Are seeking permanent results and want to pursue surgery
  • Are seeking more dramatic results that fillers cannot provide

Good candidates for facial augmentation with dermal fillers include people who:

  • Have a moderately recessed chin
  • Have a facial profile that appears slightly out of balance
  • Have minor cosmetic irregularities of facial features, such as a dorsal bump on the nose or diminished facial definition
  • Are not ready for surgery and want a temporary solution

If you’re considering implants or dermal fillers to improve your facial proportions, the next step is scheduling a consultation with Dr. Eric Pugash. He will evaluate your facial anatomy, answer any questions or concerns you may have, and recommend a course of treatment to best meet your goals. Contact Dr. Eric Pugash today to schedule a consultation in Vancouver, BC, to explore your full range of cosmetic options.