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3 Ways to Choose the Best Breast Implant Size for You

Breast augmentation is among the most popular plastic surgery procedures worldwide, and it can work wonders to boost a woman’s pride in her body and confidence in herself. It also requires some decisions, a key one being the choice of implant size.

Your plastic surgeon will offer guidance on this, of course, and may have imaging tools to help you visualize the results with different sizes and shapes of implants. But what else should you consider about implant size and the changes you want to make in your body?

Here are three concepts to think about as you approach this life-changing decision.

1. Your Body Size and Proportions

The same size implants will look very different on women of varying sizes and body frames. If you’re on the larger side or have a broader chest and wider breasts, larger implants may be needed to make a noticeable difference. Larger implants may also create a more natural look for you. 

However, If you’re on the smaller side or have a narrower chest, large implants could be a step too far. They might create an unnatural look that draws more attention to your breasts than you would prefer. The ideal breast augmentation will fit with your body’s proportions and create a natural-looking result.

2. The Natural Size, Shape, and Symmetry of Your Breasts

Consider the natural size of your breasts and how much you want to enhance them. In rough terms, every 150 to 200 ccs of implant size will usually add one to one-and-a-half cup sizes, depending on your body size and frame. If you’re an A cup, medium-sized implants could boost you to a B or C cup, which might be just what you want. If you have a small frame and are naturally a B cup, the same size implants might make your breasts more prominent than you want. 

Breast augmentation can also be used to reduce breast asymmetry by using different size implants on each side. Your plastic surgeon will need to guide you on this, as minute differences may be required to create an even result.

3. Your Lifestyle and Stage of Life

How active are you? How physically demanding is your job? How might breast size affect your enjoyment of exercise or sports? Lifestyle is an essential consideration in choosing the size of breast implants. 

If you’re an athlete or have a job that requires physical exertion, smaller implants may be a better option. They can enhance your feminine curves without causing discomfort when you’re physically active. It would be best if you discussed this with your surgeon, as the particular activities you enjoy could considerably impact many of your breast augmentation choices.

In the same way, your stage of life can be a factor in your implant-size decision. If you’ve had children or are older, your goal may be to restore volume lost with pregnancy, breastfeeding, or aging. If you’re younger, you may be looking to make a more dramatic change. But keep in mind that future pregnancies could change the size and shape of your breasts.

Some Additional Tips

  • In your consultation, feel free to openly discuss what you want your breast size to be. Your plastic surgeon is the expert on achieving your goals and can explain the options to you.
  • Look at before-and-after pictures of the plastic surgeon’s patients to find women with body types similar to yours with results similar to what you would like to achieve. Show those examples to your plastic surgeon to help in planning.
  • Have realistic goals. Bigger isn’t necessarily better. Your plastic surgeon can help you choose an implant size and shape that will look natural and attractive for you.

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