12 Facelift Recovery Tips

The traditional facelift is a mainstay in the anti-aging arsenal for women in Vancouver. It promises transformative outcomes by repositioning underlying tissue and smoothing wrinkles and folds. Because a successful recovery is critical to this facial rejuvenation’s success, our staff at Dr. Eric Pugash Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery offers these helpful recovery tips.

1. Follow Your Surgeon’s Instructions

Thorough post-surgery care starts with following every instruction to the letter. Dr. Pugash will send you home with detailed directions for optimal healing, tailored to you and your surgery. Review them carefully and if you have any questions, call our office for clarifications.

2. Manage Inflammation

The best way to keep swelling under control is by strategically using ice packs and keeping your head elevated above your heart. When resting or sleeping, prop your head up with pillows. Also, apply ice packs wrapped in a soft cloth every 20 minutes to keep your swelling down.

3. Increase Water Intake, but Not Before Bedtime

Because your body is mostly water, it stands to reason you should keep H2O levels high – especially if you’re healing. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, tapering off before you turn in for the night.

4. Take Daily Walks

You will need to rest for a couple of days after surgery, then gradually start becoming more active. If you take steps like light walks around your home or neighborhood, your body will heal faster and get you back to normal sooner.

5. Avoid Warm Water

Hot showers, hot tubs, and hot baths are a no-no for the first few days after surgery. Why? The heat will increase inflammation.

6. Don’t Overexert

Don’t lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk for two weeks. Also, minimize head and neck rotations for the same length of time, which also means you should refrain from driving.

7. Stay Positive

Though it can be challenging to stay upbeat during a long recovery, we encourage our clients to be patient. Maintaining a positive outlook during recovery will go a long way toward making the healing process more manageable.

8. Don’t Smoke

Nicotine adversely affects your natural healing abilities. Cigarette smoke contains toxins that cause tissue death and dry out the skin. Smoking also impairs your circulation, restricting oxygen levels in your blood.

9. Avoid the Sun

Try your best to stay out of the sun after your facelift. UV ray exposure is one of the leading causes of wrinkles and lines, skin cancer, pigmentation issues, and other conditions. If you must spend time outdoors, you should wear sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more, wear a broad-brimmed hat, and try to remain in the shade

10. Employ Proper Skin Care

Taking care of your skin after surgery is critical to proper healing and scar prevention. Make sure to cleanse and moisturize every morning and before going to bed. Check with Dr. Pugash about which products are safe and effective.

11. Don’t Prescribe Self-Treatment

Following facelift recovery advice on the internet is like playing with fire. Always follow Dr. Pugash’s customized healing instructions.

Love Your New Look Longer

Dr. Eric Pugash has 35 years of experience helping his patient look fabulous for the long term. His outstanding training includes two years in Paris, where he learned an understated approach to facial rejuvenation.

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