Where Do People Typically Get Facial Implants?

At our surgery centers we meet men and women who are unhappy with either the size of their chin or the shape of their jaw. After a consultation with Dr. Pugash, they realize facial implants can reshape these trouble areas to enhance their facial appearances.

What Is a Facial Implant?

Made of specially formulated synthetic materials such as Silastic, facial implants are compatible with human tissue. Dr. Pugash places the implant onto the surface of the existing bone so that the implant is completely invisible under the overlying soft tissues

Chin implants increase the width and projection of the chin, adding strength and improving the contour of the neck.Chin Implants

These aesthetic devices can increase the size and projection of a recessed chin to give it more prominence for facial balance. Dr. Pugash performs chin augmentation to improve overall facial appearance, including enhancing the results of other facial surgery such as facelift.

Are You a Candidate?

To determine if facial implants are right for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Pugash in Vancouver to review your candidacy. He will examine your facial contours, discuss your goals, and recommend the optimal solution for your needs.

Meet Dr. Pugash

Ready to turn back the clock on your facial aesthetics? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Pugash today to learn how he can help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Dr. Pugash’s practice thrives on the patient referrals from men and women who have realized their aesthetic goals.  He and his staff pride themselves on their friendly office atmosphere, patient education, and meticulous medical care before and after surgery.