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Brow lift (forehead lift) is an operation to raise drooping eyebrows. People who request upper eyelid lifts sometimes also need to have their brows lifted in order to restore a youthful look. Younger adults who have a naturally low brow or deep forehead lines may also benefit from a brow lift.

Patient 1: Before and after endoscopic brow lift and upper blepharoplasties.
Patient 1: Before and after endoscopic browlift and upper blepharoplasties.

A brow lift can be performed at our Vancouver facility alone or in combination with other facial procedures, such as eyelid surgery, face lift surgery or facial implants surgery.

There are several techniques for brow lift surgery. Dr. Pugash will recommend the technique that takes into account the position of your eyebrows, the amount of excess upper eyelid skin, and the height of your hairline.

Brow lift, whatever the technique, also allows the surgeon to weaken the action of the muscles that produce the frown lines between the eyebrows.

The surgery is usually carried out as an outpatient procedure. Potential complications include reactions to the anesthetic, infection, bleeding, poor scars, hair loss, nerve damage, and an unsatisfactory aesthetic result.

Bruising usually clears after about two weeks. At this time, most of Dr. Pugash’s Vancouver forehead lift patients can return to social activities and non-strenuous work.

Dr. Pugash continues to monitor his patients for several months after their brow lift procedures to ensure that the recovery is proceeding smoothly. For this reason he schedules several post-operative appointments at his cosmetic surgery offices.

Every patient who comes to Dr. Pugash’s offices has a different set of aesthetic needs, desires and preferences. This is why Dr. Pugash offers a wide array of treatments that can be customized for each patient. Individuals who seek Dr. Pugash’s surgical help frequently include facelift, brow lift, facial implants and otoplasty patients.

Brow Lift FAQs

Is A Brow Lift Painful?

Brow lifts are usually not painful. Many patients say that they experience little to no discomfort. However, some patients do experience tightness for about two weeks after their brow lift. Swelling and bruising may occur but should subside within a week or two.

Are brow lift results permanent?

Although the pleasing results of a brow lift will last a long time, the procedure does not stop the natural aging process. After five to 10 years you may see some drooping or furrowing of your brows begin to reappear. A follow-up procedure is possible to keep the effects of aging at bay.

What is the cost of a brow lift in Vancouver, BC?

Because no two patients’ faces are the same, a brow lift cost in Vancouver varies as well. During your consultation, Dr. Pugash will assess your cosmetic issues, carefully consider your goals, and suggest a solution. At this time, you will also receive a detailed estimate of the cost of your procedure. 

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