Does Liposuction Leave Scars?

Last month, Vancouver plastic surgeon Eric Pugash answered a commonly asked question about liposuction and the longevity of its results. This month he tackles another question that comes up frequently in liposuction consultations: does the surgery leave noticeable scarring? Dr. Pugash understands that liposuction candidates are concerned about the probability of scarring, but he wants to put (most of) those fears to rest.

Scarring Depends on Incision Length

When an incision is made in the skin, it leaves a scar. The longer the incision, the longer the scar. Liposuction involves making several incisions in the skin so that an instrument called a cannula can pass through the skin to reach the layer of subcutaneous fat. Fortunately, the incisions are generally short (usually a few millimeters). The cannulas used during liposuction are thin and can fit through very small incisions.

Skilled liposuction surgeons also take care to place the incisions in discreet places such as the natural folds of the skin. In this way scarring is well concealed and hardly noticeable.

How to Decrease Your Chances of Scarring

Initially, the incisions appear raised and red, but over time they fade and flatten significantly. There are a few things that liposuction patients can do before and after surgery to help reduce their chances of noticeable scarring.

  • Select an experienced liposuction surgeon such as Dr. Pugash, who has mastered the techniques needed for short scars
  • Do not smoke, as this can impair the wound healing process and lead to more noticeable scarring
  • Wear the compression garment as advised by the surgeon; this garment helps the tissues in the treated area heal (as well as minimizes swelling)
  • Inquire about special topical creams that may minimize scarring

If a liposuction scar has reached maturity and still looks excessively red or pigmented, Dr. Pugash may recommend laser treatments to reduce the redness or pigmentation of the scar.

Speak with Dr. Pugash about Liposuction

Keep in mind that the information shared here is general and should not be regarded as specific medical advice. If you are interested in having liposuction, Dr. Pugash will talk to you in more detail about the treatment and probability of scarring during a personal consultation. To make an appointment with the doctor, please call (604) 522-5199 or email us today.