Common Myths about Facelift

FaceliftFacelift myths is one of the most misunderstood plastic surgery procedures. There are many misconceptions present on the Internet, resulting in confusion about the surgery, the recovery and the results. In an effort to keep his plastic surgery patients (and potential candidates) well informed, Vancouver plastic surgeon Dr. Eric Pugash clears up the most common myths about facelift.

Facelift surgery is only for women.

While the majority of facelift patients are women, an increasing number of men are also enjoying the benefits of this facial rejuvenation procedure. Every year increasing numbers of men have this procedure and are pleased to discover its youthful effects. One of the most common reasons men seek the procedure is to maintain a youthful appearance at work — in today’s workplace, older executives want to stay competitive with their younger counterparts.

“I’m too young/old for a facelift.”

The typical facelift patient is usually in their fifties, sixties or seventies. However, facelift has no upper or lower age limit. As long as the candidate is in good health and free of any medical conditions that could raise the surgical risks, they may be a candidate for this procedure. Dr. Pugash evaluates each patient individually to determine whether facelift is a good option. He also offers short-scar facelift, which is especially designed for younger women who are starting to notice premature signs of aging.

Facelift surgery hurts.

Anesthesia is administered during the operation, so the surgery itself is not painful. After surgery the face will be swollen and bruised — however, many patients are surprised to find they heal more quickly than anticipated. Most patients are presentable within three weeks after surgery. Dr. Pugash prescribes oral medication to help with discomfort. Applying ice packs and keeping the head elevated will help minimize post-operative swelling.

Facelifts only tighten the skin.

Facelift surgery does more than tighten the skin. An experienced plastic surgeon such as Dr. Pugash knows how to lift and tighten the deep layers of muscle and tissue in the midface region to create attractive, younger looking facial contours. The result looks completely natural and should last for many years.

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