10 Things You Need to Know About Breast Lift Surgery

Are you researching breast lift surgery? If you answered yes, this blog post is probably not the first article you’ve read on the subject, and it might not be the last. However, you should understand that many misconceptions about aesthetic procedures lurk online, and it can sometimes be challenging to separate myths from truth.

Today, Dr. Pugash wants to set the record straight on this popular cosmetic breast surgery, so you have enough information to make a wise decision.  Here are 10 critical things to know about breast lift surgery. 

1. A Breast Lift Is Not the Same as Breast Augmentation

Though both are procedures designed to improve breast appearance, they approach the correction differently. A breast augmentation incorporates implants to add breast volume. A breast lift reinforces breast tissue and removes excess skin to increase elevation and improve nipple location. 

2. You Can Add Breast Implants to Your Breast Lift

Many women choose to combine a breast lift and breast augmentation to get the most out of their results. This plan incorporates benefits from both surgeries, with less time spent in the operating room and recovery. 

3. You Will Maintain the Ability to Breastfeed

A breast lift removes excess skin and fatty tissue, but may remove actual gland tissue as well. Therefore, you may not be able to breastfeed your child after a breast lift. 

4. Breast Lift Recovery Is Critical

After your operation, there will be a period of healing and recovery. In many ways, this time is as crucial as the surgery itself. Failure to follow your surgeon’s post-surgery instruction can compromise the results. Ensure you understand what you must do after surgery by taking notes during your consultation and following your instructions to the letter after surgery. 

5. You’ll Return Home the Same Day

A breast lift is an outpatient procedure, which means you’ll go home to start your recovery the same day you have the surgery. After a brief stop in the recovery area after your operation, a friend or family member will take you home once your surgeon gives you the all-clear to leave.

6. You Must Come to Your Surgery With a Responsible Adult

Arrange to have someone you trust come with you to your surgery appointment. You will be in no condition to drive yourself home because of soreness and anesthesia. Have them stay with you for at least 24 hours to ensure you get the proper care necessary as you start your earliest phases of recovery. 

7. You’ll Need to Wear a Special Bra During Recovery

After the surgery, you will need extra support for your breasts. These may include a compression garment or a specialized bra which Dr. Pugash will provide. These will help with swelling and supporting the incisions. 

8. Drains Are Not Necessary

Though some surgeons insert drains after surgery to allow fluid to escape, Dr. Pugash has perfected the operation to a point where drains aren’t necessary. 

9. You Will Need Time Off From Work

Healing is a personal process that varies from patient to patient. However, you should plan to take around  a week off from work after surgery to ensure your incisions heal properly. 

10. You Should Choose a Plastic Surgeon for Your Breast Lift

Though different types of surgeons offer breast lift surgery, like general surgeons and cosmetic surgeons, only board-certified plastic surgeons have the technical training and extensive experience to perform the procedure to its highest level of success. They must adhere to continuing education and uphold the highest ethical standards in medicine. 

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