Otoplasty (Ears)

Facial – Otoplasty (Ears)

Otoplasty is an operation to correct protruding ears. The surgery can be performed at any age, though it is most often done at five or six years old when the ears have reached full development. It is often beneficial to correct protruding ears before a young child starts school and can be teased by schoolmates.

There are many techniques to correct protruding ears. In general, the problem is not that the ear is too large, but that the cartilage has not folded normally. The goal of surgery is to reshape the cartilage and provide the ear with a more pleasing appearance. The surgery may involve stitching the cartilage, sculpting it, or a combination of the two. A fairly fine scar is left on the back of the ear.

Otoplasty is usually done as an outpatient procedure and most of Dr. Pugash’s Vancouver ear surgery patients are able to return to their usual activities within two weeks.

Possible complications of otoplasty surgery include reactions to the anesthetic, infection, poor scarring, unevenness, ear deformities, and recurrence of the protrusion.

As one of the foremost Vancouver cosmetic surgery providers, Dr. Eric Pugash offers complete care following your surgery so you are sure to remain comfortable, return quickly to all your usual activities, and obtain the best possible results.

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