Otoplasty, also known as ear surgery, is an aesthetic procedure that changes and improves the appearance of the ears.

The ears can attract a lot of attention, and large, prominent ears may attract more attention than we want. If you are concernedthat your ears stick out, or by the general appearance of your ears, visit Dr. Eric Pugash in Vancouver, BC for excellent otoplasty advice and services.

What Causes Ears to Stick Out?

Prominent ears can be inherited, but can also occur randomly. They are found in approximately 5% of the population.

The average angle of the outer ear to the side of the head is 20 to 35 degrees. When this angle exceeds 35 degrees, the ears appear to ‘stick out.’ This is generally caused by the ear cartilage not folding adequately.


What is Otoplasty?

Otoplasty is a surgical operation to restore or enhance the appearance of one or both ears.

Dr. Pugash sets protruding ears closer to the head, and ‘large’ ears can be made to appear smaller. This is achieved by modifying and reshaping the ear cartilage to reduce the protrusion.

If you have specific questions about how otoplasty can help you or a loved one, don’t hesitate to call Dr. Pugash on 604 522 5199 for quick answers to any of your queries.


Who is an Ideal Otoplasty Candidate?

The shape of our ears is formed generally once we reach nine years old, and by this time they are about 90% of their full size.

Because of this, Dr. Pugash recommends that children should be at least nine years old before undergoing  otoplasty. Nine or ten is also a good age when children can properly think about whether or not they want to have their ears changed. Otoplasty is covered by the Medical Services Plan of British Columbia until a patient’s sixteenth birthday. Please note that Dr Pugash does not do MSP surgery, which would need to be carried out by a plastic surgeon who does work under MSP. Dr Pugash is pleased to help adult patients with their otoplasty procedures.

Suitable candidates for otoplasty are in good health and have realistic expectations from the surgery.


Why get an Otoplasty?

Otoplasty is a great choice for anyone who finds that the appearance of their ears negatively affects their self-image and confidence.

In more severe cases, very prominent ears can cause embarrassment and psychological distress. Unfortunately, children with large ears can be subject to bullying, which can affect their self-confidence, emotional health and behaviour.

If you or your child are experiencing any of the above concerns, an otoplasty by Dr. Pugash in Vancouver can be a crucial step towards feeling confident and content.


Meet Dr. Pugash

Dr. Eric Pugash is a globally trained, nationally accredited plastic surgeon with over thirty years’ experience. Having trained in Canada and Europe, he brings passionate international expertise to his plastic surgery practice.

Every surgery he performs is a bespoke plan tailored to the needs and circumstances of each patient. His ever-expanding boutique plastic surgery practice flourishes on the recommendations of satisfied patients.


What Happens During Otoplasty Surgery?

During your consultation with Dr. Pugash, you will discuss the desired outcomes of the surgery and receive directions for your recovery. His staff  will help you set a date for the operation.

In the days leading up to the surgery, plenty of rest, nutrition and hydration will put your body and mind in a good state for the procedure.

Patients generally receive local anesthesia with twilight sedation given by an anesthesiologist.

Dr. Pugash makes a short incision behind the ear, through which he will modify the cartilage and shape the ear.

The procedure lasts one to two hours and patients return home the same day.


Otoplasty Recovery

Recovery from otoplasty involves resting for a couple of days. Patients wear a bandage over their ears for a week after the surgery. This keeps the ears in place and allows them to set correctly. The bandages are then removed and replaced with a supportive headband worn at night to protect the incisions and sutures while sleeping.

There are short scars on the backs of the ears; however, these fade significantly with time and are virtually invisible due to strategic placement.

Dr. Pugash recommends a slow first week at home following the procedure, but patients can return to work or school after a week and resume exercise within two weeks.

Swimming should be avoided for two months after the surgery, and contact sports such as rugby, martial arts, football or hockey should all be avoided for three months.


Is an Otoplasty Worth it?

Otoplasty is a procedure with an exceptionally high success rate and high satisfaction scores. Numerous studies have concluded that children and adults who choose to get otoplasty to modify the aesthetics of their ears feel an improvement in their quality of life after the operation.

If you want to book a consultation or learn more about how otoplasty can help you in Vancouver, BC, call Dr. Pugash today on 604 522 5199 or fill out his online form.