Too Good to be True? How to Choose Effective Procedures and Skip the Gimmicks

There’s always something new to discover in the realm of plastic surgery, and plenty of seemingly effective technologies marketed every other day. With all this background noise, it feels almost impossible to pick a procedure that’s going to meet your aesthetic goals. At our aesthetic and plastic surgery office, Dr. Pugash takes a practical approach to matching patients with the best choices for their needs. After years of working closely with his clients, Dr. Pugash has developed a list of tips for helping others ditch the gimmicks, false promises, and trendy treatments to find tried-and-true cosmetic therapies.

Research Your Topic Thoroughly

It should take more than a commercial, glossy magazine ad, or a paid sponsor to convince you that a procedure is worth pursuing. Medical treatments, especially those that are invasive, should be seriously considered before you schedule an appointment. Do some searching online to see how long a treatment or technology has been on the market, the counter-indications, and what professionals have to say. Sites like and even medical journals offer patients’ first-hand experience and reputable opinions from professionals. Use your best judgment to determine if the procedure you’re interested in is worth the hype.

Seek Second Opinions

Doctors who have invested in new and trendy technology are interested in directing patients to their newly acquired machine. Many of these so-called latest and greatest pieces of technology are costly, and some doctors may be quick to try and pack their appointment book to justify the investment. To gain a better understanding of your recommended procedures, it pays to arrange a few consultations with physicians you have vetted online. While some consultations come with a fee, this cost may help you avoid a treatment that simply doesn’t work or leads to unsatisfactory results.

Don’t be Afraid to be Skeptical

If you’re on the fence about a procedure, trust your judgment and don’t be afraid to turn down a treatment plan that doesn’t feel right to you. Part of the plastic surgery planning process does involve placing trust your surgeon, but it’s always a good idea to thoroughly review and consider desired or recommended treatments before deciding to move forward. Unfortunately, not every newly developed and heavily-marketed technology can meet promised expectations. If something sounds too good to be true, you have plenty of resources and ways of discovering whether this is indeed the case.

Consider your Financial Investment

Non-invasive procedures that promise results comparable to surgical intervention can be just as costly, with hit-or-miss outcomes. While it can make sense to pursue cosmetic, non-surgical care if you’re new to aesthetic medicine or are looking for subtle results, patients hoping to achieve something dramatic with new technology could be disappointed. Seeking a second treatment to meet your expectations could easily double your financial investment. Unfortunately, this is a conundrum many patients find themselves in. Consider your options, expectations and potential budget when looking into your treatment options.

For the Most Dependable Care and Reliable Outcomes, Visit an Experienced Professional

Dr. Eric Pugash is invested in patients’ health and wellness; his goal is to help them discover cosmetic surgical solutions to their most challenging issues. Part of this process is recommending only procedures that are backed by proven results and thorough study. Our motto, “Patient Care is Our Priority,” is more than a catchy tagline; it is truly how we operate and is an essential part of our commitment to you. To achieve the results you’re looking for, Dr. Pugash offers breast augmentation with a variety of implants, body contouring to create your ideal physique, and facial surgery to turn back the clock. Our non-surgical procedures, including injectables and medical-grade skin care, come from some of the most reputable names in aesthetics, such as BOTOX®, Obagi, and SkinMedica.

When you visit our office, you never have to second-guess whether our available procedures will create the results you’re hoping for. We only recommend procedures that work and never over-sell a patient on a service that is not best suited to their needs.

For more information on how Dr. Pugash achieves beautiful and dependable outcomes with cosmetic surgery, visit or call 604-522-5199 for an appointment.