Is Bigger Better? Your Guide to Breast Implant Sizes

It’s not enough to choose the type of implant—you must choose the right size, too. Don’t know where to begin? We’ve gathered some helpful tips to assist you with picking the right breast implants size.

Avoid Cup Sizes

It might seem as if picking the right breast implant is as easy as picking a cup size; however, surgeons don’t use cup sizes to select implants. Cup sizes vary between different bra manufacturers, so there’s no standardized measurement that surgeons can reference. Instead, a breast implant’s volume is measured in cubic centimeters, otherwise known as cc. To avoid confusion, stick to using cc when referring to the volume of implants.

The Rice Test

You can help communicate your aesthetic goals to your surgeon by using the rice test. Fill two sandwich bags with rice and place them inside a bra that’s approximately the size you want for your new breasts. Then, modify the amount of rice in each bag until it fits perfectly in the bra. Empty the bag into a measuring cup, and then you can convert the measurement into a volume using this chart below. (Note that ‘cup’ in the chart refers to a kitchen measuring cup, and not a bra cup size.)

1 cup236 cc
½ cup118 cc
¾ cup177 cc
2/3 cup156 cc
1/3 cup78 cc
¼ cup59 cc
1/8 cup30 cc

The Right Fit

Surgeons refer to measurements in addition to volume to select the best implant for the patient. For example, the implant diameter affects how it will sit on the chest wall. Your surgeon will measure your chest to ensure the implants are sufficiently wide to fill out the breast but narrow enough to fit appropriately on the chest without, for example, protruding excessively to the side.

Another such measurement refers to the implant profile. This is used to determine how far the implant projects from your chest. The higher the profile, the more it extends from the chest. The implant profile generally chooses itself: once we know the desired volume and the implant width, the profile is selected from the manufacturer’s size chart. Dr. Pugash will help you to determine the right combination of volume, diameter and profile.


Keep in mind that your breast implants must fit your personality and lifestyle. Do you want a prominent, dramatic result? Or are you looking for a more subtle, natural change? Would you prefer a moderate change to allow you to continue with your favorite athletic activities? Remember that your implant size should properly reflect who you are, in addition to how you want to look.

While your implants will provide fuller breasts they must also be balanced, proportional and natural. In working with an experienced, compassionate surgeon such as Dr. Eric Pugash, you will receive guidance from a true expert in the field of breast augmentation. Contact his offices now for a breast augmentation consultation.