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Facial – Short Scar Facelift

Patient 3: Upper eye lift, short-scar facelift and chin augmentation.
Patient 3: Upper eye lift, short-scar facelift and chin augmentation.

Short-scar facelift is an ideal procedure for younger women in their 40s, 50s and early 60s with less marked age-related changes. The standard or classic facelift leaves fine scars in front of the ear as well as behind. The short-scar facelift leaves no scars behind the ear. This also makes it especially appropriate for younger women who may wish to wear their hair up. The short-scar facelift produces pleasing rejuvenation while leaving behind little evidence of surgery. During your in-office consultation, Dr. Pugash will advise you whether you are a Vancouver short scar facelift candidate.

Dr. Eric Pugash is pleased to be regarded among prominent plastic surgeons patients consult about leading-edge facial surgery procedures. Over the years, he has helped numerous brow lift, short scar facelift and traditional facelift patients realize their dreams of a more youthful face. Other individuals Dr. Pugash often treats include eyelid surgery, facial implants and ear surgery patients.

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