Cosmetic Surgery Consultations in Vancouver – Dr. Eric Pugash, MD

The office consultation is your first meeting with Dr. Pugash. This is a two-way exchange of information and the setting in which physician and patient get to know each other.

Dr. Pugash strives to identify your areas of concern and your goals, and takes into account your overall medical condition. Whether you are seeing Dr. Pugash for breast augmentation, tummy tuck, liposuction or facelift, our consultation will include a physical examination to assess the area in question as well as your general physical condition.

Next Dr. Pugash will discuss your options with you. You will receive a good understanding of treatment alternatives and the expected results, as well as being advised of the recovery period and when you can expect to return to normal activities. Dr. Pugash will describe the possible complications associated with treatment, and explore some of the psychological issues related to cosmetic surgery.

The Team: Meredith, Simone and Lesley

The Team: Meredith, Simone and Lesley

Dr. Pugash will demonstrate sample results using patient photographs.

You will be given illustrated information brochures and informed consents that describe the risks of treatment. You can then review these at your leisure at home.

Patients will often return to our cosmetic surgery offices for a shorter visit several weeks before surgery to review the treatment plan and discuss preparations. The goal of these office visits prior to surgery is twofold: a clear understanding by Dr. Pugash of your motivation and expectations, and thorough patient preparation and education so you have the most comfortable treatment experience possible. It is at this visit that breast augmentation patients will try on implants and choose their size in collaboration with Dr. Pugash.

Patients who come to the office for Botox or soft tissue augmentation (Restylane, Perlane, Radiesse, etc.) or for skin treatment programmes will receive excellent care from Lesley Tennant, a registered nurse with thorough training in these areas of cosmetic medicine.

From the time of booking an appointment to the last visit following surgery all patients will enjoy the friendly and exceptionally competent services of Dr. Pugash’s two office assistants, Meredith and Simone.

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