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Dr. Pugash established his plastic surgery practice in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia in 1987. He practices in Vancouver at the False Creek Surgery Centre and the ASC Vancouver Surgical Centre, as well as in White Rock and New Westminster. As one of the leading Vancouver cosmetic surgeons, Dr. Eric Pugash offers customized, highly effective treatments. He uses leading-edge surgical technologies and techniques to produce natural-looking results.

Plastic Surgery in Vancouver – Dr. Eric Pugash
Breast Augmentation, Body Contouring & Facial Surgery

Is there an aspect of your appearance that has always made you self-conscious? Or, have you noticed the effects of aging slowly cropping up around your face or body?

Dr. Eric Pugash can help. A Vancouver plastic surgeon since 1987, Dr. Pugash has earned the admiration of his peers and patients for producing beautiful, natural-looking results through a variety of advanced cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. He remains at the forefront of his field by incorporating leading-edge surgical techniques and technologies while continually improving his approach to patient care.

If you’re looking for a talented and well-respected plastic surgeon, you’ve come to the right place. Dr. Pugash would be pleased to meet with you for an informative consultation to discuss your personal cosmetic goals and explore ways to achieve them.

Overview of Services

Dr. Pugash focuses on three areas at his Vancouver plastic surgery practice.

Breast Enhancement

Many women have an emotional connection to the appearance of their breasts. If a woman is unhappy with the way her breasts look, she may struggle with self-esteem and confidence issues. In order to correct naturally small or saggy breasts, he offers:

Facial Cosmetic Surgery

The face is the most expressive part of the body and often the area we are most critical of. Dr. Pugash can refine, rejuvenate and enhance the facial features for a natural transformation through:

Body Contouring

Factors such as pregnancy, weight fluctuation, aging and genetics can take their toll on a person’s physique. To improve the shape of the body, Dr. Pugash performs:

Dr. Pugash also offers dermal fillers, injectables and skincare products to non-surgically refresh the facial appearance.

Breast Augmentation

Dr. Eric Pugash is a Vancouver breast augmentation expert. Dr. Pugash
is highly experienced in the use of all currently available breast
implants, including cohesive gel breast implants. He will
conduct a thorough pre-surgery
consultation to help you
make your best choice.

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Facial Rejuvenation

Talk to Dr. Pugash about procedures to freshen and
rejuvenate your facial appearance. Dr. Pugash strives
to provide completely natural rejuvenation of your
eyelids, face, neck and chin. He offers the latest
short-incision operations to provide excellent results
with minimal scars.

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Body Contouring

Talk to Dr. Pugash about removing excess fat and skin
from your arms, tummy and thighs. Dr. Pugash offers
the full “Mommy Makeover” procedure, enhancing
your breasts and tummy in one operation.

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Non-Surgical Procedures

At his plastic surgery Vancouver offices, Dr. Pugash and his staff offer
a complete array of procedures for the face, body and breast. For those
patients who wish to enhance their appearance but do not want
to undergo surgery, Dr. Pugash offers a range of non-surgical procedures.
These non-surgical treatments can improve the skin tone, remove minor
skin imperfections and reduce signs of aging. They are generally quick and
comfortable, and there is little or no downtime. If you would like to learn which
non-surgical treatments can help you realize your aesthetic desires.

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New Westminster

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ASC Vancouver Surgical Centre
7th Floor – 1200 Burrard Street
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Phone: 604.522.5199

False Creek

False Creek Surgery Centre
6th Floor – 555 West 8th Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia V5Z 1C6
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